Tesla (TSLA) is 1000 Vehicles Short of Fulfilling Delivery Goals

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Tesla (TSLA) is 1000 Vehicles Short of Fulfilling Delivery Goals
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Tesla is trying to deliver a record 100,000 cars during the third quarter, and with only a day left, sources say that Tesla is currently “a few thousand” cars short of the delivery goal.

Recently we reported that Electrek, a blog for electric vehicle enthusiasts, published an email that probably has leaked from the company in which Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk writes that Tesla might be able to make 100,000 vehicle deliveries in the third quarter, which would be a record.

Be it as it may, Tesla is really trying to fulfill these expectations but with only a day left, some sources say that the company is currently “a few thousand” cars short of the delivery goal.

In the leaked email, Musk is writing about net new orders tracking at 110,000 cars for the quarter, but it seems that there are problems about delivering to its customers in time for the end of the quarter.

As per the sources, Tesla management called up its employees last night saying they were “a few thousands” short of the goal. Still, there are slight chances, sources say, that Tesla fulfills this goal – however, it will be hard.

Sources also claim that Tesla has around 3,000 vehicles in its inventory on the North American territory but not all cars are at their delivery centers so the number of delivered vehicles will be probably closer to 1,000.

Violating Labor Laws

In other news, it seems that Elon Musk isn’t so liberal as he may try to act. Last week on Friday, the company actually threatened its employees who attempted to unionize. California labor judge Amita Baman Tracy ruled in worker’s direction saying Tesla is violating the law.

The company must now hold a meeting to advise workers of their rights, and CEO Elon Musk is required to attend. As per Tracy’s ruling, Tesla violated the National Labor Relations Act multiple times in 2017 and 2018 that includes Musk tweet in May 2018 saying:

This is a rare example of a tweet being regarded as a threat and the judge said the tweet is a direct threat to employees that they would lose their stock options if they voted to unionize. She wrote:

“Musk’s tweet can only be read by a reasonable employee to indicate that if the employees vote to unionize that they would give up stock options. Musk threatened to take away a benefit enjoyed by the employees consequently for voting to unionize.”

She also said that the company violated labor laws by forbidding employees from sharing leaflets in their off-hours in the employee parking lot in Fremont, California, by saying to employees it was futile to vote for the union, and by questioning employees about their union activities.

Tracy decided Tesla needs to “cease and desist” that kind of behavior and totally restore and recompense one worker who was unlawfully fired for being involved with union activities. The company now also has the obligation to inform workers at a meeting that they violated the National Labor Relations Act several times.

The ruling was issued as feedback to unfair labor practice complaints filed by the United Auto Workers union, including one in 2017 that blamed the company of firing union supporters.

At the time of writing Tesla (TSLA) stock was up by 0.050% to $242.25.

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