Travelling Around the World with Bitcoin Only Is Possible, Proves Felix Weis

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
Travelling Around the World with Bitcoin Only Is Possible, Proves Felix Weis
28-year-old freelance computer programmer Felix Weis paragliding in Turkey while holding a bitcoin. Mr. Weispaid for the outing in bitcoin. Photo: Felix Weis

Felix Weis, a bitcoin enthusiast from Luxembourg, has set a goal to make a world trip paying for all services with bitcoin.

If you haven’t met Felix Weis yet, be ready to do it in the near future! This young enthusiast dared to leave his habitual world and promote bitcoin on his own. He is making a world tour paying for all services with bitcoin only and describes his experience in the blog.

Bitcoin is not as widespread notion as it could be. It appeared six years ago as an alternative to usual payment methods and it’s still on its way to overall usage. Bitcoin offers making transaction peer-to-peer without any third party or bank. Generally you can use it to but any goods or services but in fact the situation in the market is far from perfect.

The 28-year-old Felix learned by his own experience that there are few ordinary people all over the world who know bitcoin and actually employ it. He has visited 14 countries by this time and in every country he faces almost the same picture: service workers, bartenders and tour operators have never heard of bitcoin in most cases.

It’s important that Felix strives to wise up average people first and foremost. He wants to show by his example that paying for all services is possible although still complicated now. And the situation can change for the better only if more and more people will get opportunity to realize the advantages of the cryptocurrency themselves.

Felix dared to take drastic measures to prove that he believes in bitcoin. He cut up his credit card and converted all his funds in bitcoin. He must have been suspecting that no one would believe him and packed the two halves of former card in a plastic bag so that he could show it to all who don’t believe.

Felix stands visiting 21 countries as his aim. The number can symbolize the 21 million bitcoins that can ever come into use.

The bitcoin promoter laid down several rules for himself while travelling. Where possible he pays for food, services and accommodation with bitcoin. Under no circumstances can he turn to credit card. If necessary he can exchange bitcoin for local currency but only via special website and in limited amounts.

Felix usually takes photos with first-time bitcoin users showing their first bitcoin transactions and downloads them in his blog.

It’s hardly that Satoshi Nakamoto (a mysterious founder of bitcoin – by the way the name is hardly to be true) will pay Felix for such bitcoin popularization. Still the fact remains that bitcoin has possibly got new fans thanks to him.

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