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This YouTube Millionaire Makes Up to $220,000 a Month and Spends Only 1%

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by Tolu Ajiboye · 4 min read

Realtor and YouTuber Graham Stephan’s income and expenditure levels are far apart. While he averages $150,000 a month from six streams of income, he rarely spends more than $5,000.

Money is easily the world’s most common universal language even when all of the various currency denominations are considered. This is the major reason pretty much everyone strives to earn and continues to do so consistently. Because it’s not the easiest thing to do, people who seem to have gotten the hang of it usually make headlines because they have basically cracked something only a few people have been able to. We look at one of such people who have not only found impressive channels of income but is interestingly a lot more frugal than the average person.

The CNBC Make It’s Millennial Money series most recent publication, is about Graham Stephan, a 29-year-old American based in Los Angeles who is a realtor as well as a YouTuber. Between January and September, Stephan has pulled in commissions as a realtor, totaling more than $77,000 spread across all five properties he’s handled. While that is still a sizeable amount for 9 months, the young realtor makes an average of $150,000 in a month even though he has made as much as $221,300 in one month. So, where does most of the rest come from? – YouTube.


Stephan’s September 2019 income hit $150,420. The young realtor has six income streams with four of them from YouTube. This includes his main YouTube channel Graham Stephan, with more than 1 million subscribers where he discusses the real estate sector. This one alone has pulled in an average of $81,428 in income this year. It has paid him up to $136,330 in one month. Another show, The Graham Stephan Show with more than 200,000 subscribers and with a financial focus, pulls in a 12-month average of $9,256 even though it launched in May. Affiliates and sponsors from his YouTube endeavors also bring $7,222 in addition to a Teachables category – selling two online courses – which brings $28,837 on average. The only non-YouTube incomes are $8,572 from commissions as a realtor with The Oppenheim Group, and $15,105 in rental income, from three properties he owns and lets out.


Stephan’s spending habits are extremely frugal. While he makes more than $150,000, his monthly expenditure is just about $5,094, spread across phone bills, credit cards, a gym membership, transportation, insurance, feeding and other miscellaneous. His biggest monthly expense is a $2,872 mortgage for his mid-city Los Angeles duplex. Stephan describes his saving culture as “extreme”, admitting that “a lot of people probably find it pretty intense.” He said:

 “I end up saving about 99% of my income, just because my income is so high and I keep my expenses so low.”

For investments, Stephan’s main focus has always been real estate. However, Empify founder and personal finance coach Ashley M. Fox, believes diversification is the right way to go, instead of the savings he does in his high-yield accounts.

“No wealthy person has built their wealth off of maximizing and utilizing savings accounts…But the average return of the stock market over the past hundred years is anywhere between 8% and 10%, which is way more than what these high-yield savings account yield,” said Fox.

Stephan’s net worth hit $1 million when he turned 26 and he said his next net worth aim is to hit $10 million. Even though he hasn’t said what might be the goal after that, Stephan is however clearly not much interested in building up to a billion. He admitted:

“I don’t even know what I would possibly do with that amount of money.”

Stephan does want to travel though. It might be easy to think someone who makes that much money would be able to travel but he thinks there’ll be time for that later.

“I could do that if I wanted to, it’s just not the right time,” added he.

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