TriForce Tokens and Busca Todo Team-Up for Latin-American Blockchain Gaming Market Dominance

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TriForce Tokens and Busca Todo Team-Up for Latin-American Blockchain Gaming Market Dominance

A decentralized gaming giant TriForce Tokens continues to surprise the community by announcing another strategic partnership with Latin American Busca Todo.

Having successfully released the world’s first blockchain company-powered game on Steam, Eximus, TriForce Tokens, a decentralized gaming giant, has made its next step forward, announcing a monumental partnership with Busca Todo, a Latin American video game publisher. The collaboration not only stamps TriForce Tokens’ intention to unify gaming on the blockchain, but also represents itself a testament to the platform’s acceptance even before the official end of the token sale.

The majority of startups usually have to wait a few months after their token sale is fully completed, and only then announce new projects, especially such serious partnerships. TriForce Tokens is different. While its token sale is set to end on 11th November 2018, the company can already boast the successful releases of several games, as well as a few strategic collaborations with major players from around the world.

As the second largest gaming sector in the world, Mexico led Latin America in recording one of the highest returns of 2017, accounting for $1,400,000,000 out of the $4,100,000,000 realised. The market is expanding very rapidly due to a great support from both country’s authorities and major stakeholders. With 5% of the country’s GDP dedicated to the industry, Mexico has grown its own identity as a hotbed for digital gaming development.

Busca Todo is among the leaders of Latin American video game publishing industry. The company provides developers with the channels they need to penetrate the Spanish speaking industry. Busca Todo’s all-encompassing solution allows developers to launch, advertise and reach out to millions of gamers globally. The platform has a global subscriber base for game reviews, shows, discussion, social networking, as well as its own YouTube Level Up channel, which has already crossed 1 million viewers mark.

Being on the top of Latin America’s online gaming communities, Busca Todo will provide TriForce Tokens with an entrance to the South American Market, which is currently gaining popularity in progression. The collaboration is definitely set to disrupt the gaming market.

As Pete Mardell, CEO of TriForce Tokens, commented to the partnership:

“We are fortunate to have found a partner that shares our vision and has the capacity to deliver on it with us, while providing us a strategic link to the largest emerging games industry region, Latin America.”

TriForce Tokens is looking to decentralize and disintermediate gaming interactions, enabling the market to grow and increase interactions between gamers and developers, eliminate piracy, reduce the cost of game distribution and facilitate cross-platform play and in-game wealth retention.

Speaking on the partnership, Busca Todo’s General Director, Juan Pablo Rodriguez, underlined the innovative approach offered by TriForce Tokens:

“Speaking of the present and the future of gaming, Triforce is the vision that pushes for innovation in the industry. We are very proud to partner with Triforce making history every step of the way, by introducing new technology to the Latin American video gaming market”

TriForce Tokens ambitions for changing the world has already attracted a lot of attention from the blockchain community. The company continues to expand its ecosystem, having already launched the hybrid FPS/RTS domination game on steam, Eximius: Seize the Frontline, which has already cemented its place amongst gamers and developers. The startup has also announced the development of a discord marketplace and game alongside a Twitch Streamer live bot.

The ongoing token sale is the final opportunity for stakeholders to acquire TriForce Tokens’ FORCE tokens at USD 0.15 per token with a 5% bonus. Bonus ends on the 28th of October 2018.

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