UK Exchange Netagio Launches Credit and Debit Card Payment Options

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UK Exchange Netagio Launches Credit and Debit Card Payment Options
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Netagio, the first and only audited Bitcoin marketplace, announces the launch of credit and debit card payments for Bitcoin, GBP and Euro marketplace.

Netagio, the trusted Bitcoin marketplace, on Monday, January 19th, 2014 launched credit and debit card payment options for its trading accounts as part of a strategic expansion plan, making it quicker and easier for both institutional and retail investors to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin with GBP, USD and EUR.

Customers from the 114 countries in which Netagio operates, are able to deposit funds with their Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit or Maestro cards and trade them against Bitcoin at any time and in an instant. The credit and debit card payments provide Netagio customers with an additional choice to fund their trading accounts quickly and easily, besides the traditional banking deposits, which are subject to one to three day processing times and international banking charges.

The credit & debit card payment options are enabled through Netagio’s recently announced partnership with WalPay, the Isle of Man based Payment Services Provider, which secured robust banking relationships for Netagio, enabling its customers to deposit funds and receive international payments. The banking relationships are authorised and regulated in accordance with the European Payment Services Directive (2007/64/EC).

“Our customers will always be our number one priority,” says Simon Hamblin, CEO of Netagio. “We recently expanded our order books to USD and EUR in response to customer feedback and now also offer a choice of payment methods, with our new credit & debit card payments in addition to the traditional banking payments. The US and Europe are the largest markets for Bitcoin trading, after China, and as such present a great opportunity for retail and institutional investors wishing to access these markets.”

The credit & debit payments options further enhance Netagio’s strategic decision to launch USD & EUR order books in December 2014, which were set up in response to customer demand in reflection of the overall Bitcoin marketplace, which sees 27% of all Bitcoin trading occurring in USD markets and 2.5% in EUR markets. Retail customers and institutional investors are able to buy and sell Bitcoins for USD and EUR as well as GBP continuously, cost-effectively and securely on Netagio’s peer-to-peer exchange platform.

International customers no longer need to make initial deposits in GBP to buy Bitcoin, thereby eliminating any exchange-rate potential cost implications. Today, depositing funds into customer trading accounts comes with the added choice and benefit of being able to use credit & debit card payments, for speed and ease.

The company has a rigorous approach to operational controls and compliance, particularly in the important area of anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Netagio is underpinned with the highest levels of security for its digital Bitcoin storage. In January 2014, Netagio introduced the first free gold-standard offline security vault and in September 2014 became the first Bitcoin business to be independently audited and receive an ISAE 3000 standard for its Bitcoin storage.

Netagio was founded in 2013 by a management team with a strong pedigree and track record of experience gained in the finance, security and commodity.  Netagio is a founding member of the UK Digital Currency Association.

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