US Treasury Department Wants Budget Bill to Force Global Crypto Data Sharing

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US Treasury Department Wants Budget Bill to Force Global Crypto Data Sharing
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According to the Treasury Department’s proposal, the budget bill will require crypto businesses to report information on foreign owners.

The US Treasury Department is proposing an addition to the forthcoming $3.5 trillion budget bill reconciliation package to give room for more tax compliance requirements on crypto transactions. The Treasury Department also wants crypto exchanges to report information on foreign account owners. This is so that the United States can share information with its global trading partners. 

In return, the US government will get data on citizens trading digital currencies in other countries. This information will further aid the government in enforcing tax compliance. 

Another Senate-passed infrastructure bill intends to classify crypto-oriented facilitators under the ‘broker’ definition. This means that all crypto exchanges and platforms will become obligated to report certain information to the IRS and customers. This information includes capital gains and losses. In addition to this, the Treasury Department is also proposing an extension of this information-sharing requirement. This requirement will also extend to foreign entities that own legal business structures that benefit from crypto transactions. However, it should be noted that the US Congress is yet to decide on this bill extension. 

The subjects of this extension are termed ‘beneficial owners.’ According to US law, a beneficial owner is anyone who owns 25 percent or more of a company’s equity. It also includes anyone who has significant responsibility in the management or control of a company. Traditional financial institutions can use this metric when identifying subjects in various financial impropriety investigations. A typical example of such would be during a money laundering or embezzlement case.

Proposed Treasury Crypto Bill Will Change How Crypto Platforms Do Business

The US Treasury Department believes that shell companies owned and operated by US citizens can be tax evasion vehicles. This also includes avoidance of payment on crypto gains. Therefore, it is imperative that there are stricter reporting measures. According to the Treasury Department:

“The global nature of the crypto market offers opportunities for US taxpayers to conceal assets and taxable income by using offshore crypto exchanges and wallet providers. US taxpayers also attempt to avoid US tax reporting by creating entities through which they can act.”

The Treasury identifies third-party information reporting as extremely necessary in identifying taxpayers. This, it says, will inevitably lead to an increase in tax compliance.

Pursuant to this is a “tax information exchange agreements” rule between the US and other countries of the world. The American government will tender taxable information to other countries on their own citizens and vice versa. This new rule will kick into effect in 2023 and apply to providers of crypto wallets for users. Platforms like Gemini and Coinbase will fall under this new rule.

These new crypto reporting rules are already proving unpopular among some lawmakers. This past summer, members of the US Senate tried to offset a proposed $550 billion in the bill. Individuals and companies with vested interests in crypto lobbied the Senate to backtrack, days before the bill passed the Senate.

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