Virgil Griffith Is Going Home as His Father Paid 1 Million Dollars Bond

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Virgil Griffith Is Going Home as His Father Paid 1 Million Dollars Bond
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The Ethereum proponent, arrested for his speech in North Korea, Virgil Griffith, is going home thanks to understanding (and rich) parents.

Judge Vernon Broderick of New York has released Virgil Griffith, the Ethereum developer, on bail. The decision issued by the U.S. District Court. When the hearings took place, the judge said that the law in America is not something that can be identified as a suggestion. Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press CEO, was in the room during the new hearings and sent some information to Twitter.

In America, One Million Dollars Can Set You Free

According to his messages, Virgil is free after his parents promised $1 million as a bond. Brian Klein, Griffith’s attorney, says that he’s happy that the judge had agreed to release Virgil. Here’s what he told Coindesk:

“We are very pleased the district judge sided with us and ordered Virgil to be released pending trial”

The U.S. government is accusing Virgil of teaching the North Koreans the measures to avoid sanctions. In reality, the information that he gave is widely accessible across the Web, particularly on YouTube.

Last week, the judge was denying any bond offers according to the City Press report. The reason was that Griffith allegedly sent his relatives strange SMS messages. There, he shows the intent to change his citizenship. According to Matthew, the discussions went to finding Griffit’s assets abroad, as well as his connections with other countries.

Virgil Griffith Goes to North Koreans, Then to Jail

Virgil Griffith appeared in a cell for traveling to North Korea and giving a speech at a free conference. Despite the United States government likes to trick its people, as well as the other nations, North Korea has freedom. It’s not true that its a ‘bad’ country. It’s just the allocation of power that makes countries rich or poor.

The police arrested Griffith in the Los Angeles airport. He spent the Thanksgiving day in horror, right after a dangerous, yet brave trip to North Korea. The U.S. government arrested a man who attended a conference only to speak about Ethereum, not to act as a money launderer.

There, he was participating as one of the speakers. As he was working at the Ethereum Foundation for a long time, Virgil has some substantial experience to share. Also, several days before going to North Korea as a ‘tourist’, he asked on Twitter whether it is a good idea to travel to North Korea and also, he invited people to join him. Nobody wanted to, and Vitalik Buterin wished him good luck.

Griffith Is Not Terrorist, He’s a Religious Maniac

As for the fact that Griffith wants to change his citizenship, he may be a victim of Ethereum propaganda. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other decentralized projects typically function similarly to a sect where programmers repeat mantras every day, about the free world, the evil government, and decentralization of everything.

Maybe the U.S. justice system needs some kind of cure from the paranoia? The outside countries trying to do something to the States? You know the answer. All the countries don’t want to mess with the States, no matter what the state channels say in America. To continue their fairytale about the competition of nations, the U.S. legislators have put Griffith to a very complicated position. He may consider moving to another country with a bigger speed than before, we presume.

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