Vivo Releases Nex 3 5G Which Feels More Like a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 With a Few Perks

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Vivo Releases Nex 3 5G Which Feels More Like a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 With a Few Perks
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Vivo has outdone itself this time with the Nex 3. With the look and feel of Samsungs’ Galaxy Note 10 but with supercharged capabilities and a new world-first Screen design, Vivo is taking its place among global smartphone giants.

Vivo’s Nex 3 is finally out. This has come after so much speculation about what exactly makes the new Android device tick. The Nex 3 comes with quite a bit of features that make it seem very much like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10; only that feels like the Galaxy Note 10 on steroids.

The New Curved Shaped Screen is Something Else and Lots More

The Nex 3’s curved display is the first smartphone to come to the market with the screen curved and slope off on both sides in such a way that no space exists for side buttons. This feature has been rumored for months to hit the smartphone market but it is only at this time that it is coming. Nicknamed “waterfall” by the Chinese market, the screen does offer the long-expected virtual-only buttons that make the device a must-have.

While Oppo had unveiled the curved screen feature earlier last month and Huawei is expected to launch their version of the same soon, Vivo decided to be faster than everyone else by introducing it early.

The annoying palm touches are more regulated now as users won’t have apps turned on or the screen unlocked by mistake due to palm movements which occur by mistake. The blue-light filter which goes easy on the eyes especially for those who are night owls makes for a great partner for insomniacs. The side buttons have a vibrating effect which indicates if the user has touched creating a surreal experience.

Although the Nex 3 distinctly resembles the Samsung Note 10 in terms of the screen shape, it comes with other features under the hood that should keep the user busy for a while. The phone, of course, is meant for the 5G market. The snapdragon 855 plus processor with silent cooling fans that keep an even temperature does its job with no freezing up. The 4,500 mAH Battery and 44W adaptive charging system also make the phone to be one-of-a-kind when it comes to battery retention and power.

Furthermore, the triple camera system with its 64 MP Sensor creates the “iPhone 11 pro” kind of feel. With AK4377A Hifi Earphones that come with the latest digital to analog converter, the Nex 3 is something else!

Is It Finally Over For the Samsung Galaxy Note?

Samsung who has been regarded as unarguably one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world has recently been facing heat from the new upstarts in the global smartphone industry. Facing lackluster reception from many of its Galaxy series and in a bid to shore up the Galaxy brand as the leading android brand in the world, the smartphone maker has been reportedly mulling plans to merge both the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series into one line.

This, of course, comes as most of the new kids on the block come to the table with two different offerings that Samsung is trying hard to match: innovation and cost-effectiveness. Most of the new Android smartphones coming out this year aren’t as pricey as the Samsung Galaxy series.

This, of course, doesn’t go without saying that Samsung is one of the undisputed leaders in consumer electronics worldwide. The new guys, however, are giving the long-established and respected brand a run for its money. 

Vivo Seeks to Expand

As per the sources, Vivo is seeking for potential launch partners in the US and Europe. This will create an intense competition scenario which most smartphone companies engage in as both markets are the world’s top markets for consumer gadgets. Launch in Asia is expected on September 21st, 2019.

While that may take a while considering the United States and Chinese trade tensions, user can be sure of one thing: The new upstart which offers and 8GB Ram and 128 GB ROM caught everyone’s’ attention.

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