Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 30th–July 6th, 2018]

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Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 30th–July 6th, 2018]

Check out the report created by OK Blockchain Capital covering main trends of blockchain industry over June 30-July 6, 2018, with strong focus placed on the market overview, analysis of the newly listed and closed public sales projects, along with topical news on global governmental policies.

The past week’s daily average global market capitalization of cryptocurrency was $261.95 billion and the daily average transaction volume was $14.47 billion, indicating a decline of 4.91% and 3.02% respectively. The daily average market capitalization of the top five cryptocurrencies decreased by 4.42% from the previous week. Among the top five, EOS has experienced the greatest price increase in the past week with a high of $9.39, a decrease of 21.32%.

crypto market cap

Data source:coinmarketcap

Of the top 10 cryptocurrencies that increased, 80% of the tokens were of the vertical industrial application sector. Also, SRCOIN of the cryptocurrency and payment sector experienced the greatest increase in price

Table 1. Tokens with Greatest Price Increases Last Week

Ranking Project Token Field Brief description Trading amount(24h) Token price Increase/7d
1 SRCOIN SRCOIN Medical insurance The basic model of the SRCOIN project is to combine the massage chair subscription business with a decentralized health data platform. $1,665,020.00 $0.00 57.07%
2 Dorado DOR Consumerism Dorado is a food delivery platform based on MVP commercialization. $1,997,530.00 $0.03 45.88%
3 AI Doctor AIDOC Medical insurance AI Doctor is a private AI doctor who can provides general help. $5,048,460.00 $0.03 33.69%
4 MARK.SPACE MRK Entertainment The world’s first VR/AR platform based on blockchain technology. $3,055,790.00 $0.06 33.06%
5 NaPoleonX NPX Asset management The NapoleonX project aims to provide investors a new way to invest by creating a cryptocurrency fund (DAF). $622,455.00 $0.28 28.42%
6 GoChain GO Public chain and protocol GoChain is a high-speed, low-cost Ethereum expansion network. $4,069,160.00 $0.06 28.04%
7 ODEM ODE Education ODEM is an on-demand education platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. $970,245.00 $0.36 26.31%
8 Solaris XLR Cryptocurrency and payment Solaris is a cryptocurrency that uses the POS consensus mechanism. $82,911.00 $3.75 25.73%
9 Delphy DPY Gambling Delphy is the first distributed forecasting market based on blockchain in China. $2,987,620.00 $0.82 24.52%
10 AdHive ADH Advertising AdHive is a marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to control market traffic. $281,552.00 $0.05 22.61%

Data source:coinmarketcap;retrieved at 12:00 on July 6th, 2018

1. Analysis of Top 200 Market Cap Projects

The market capitalization of top 200 projects increased by 11.47% compared with that of last week. Based on the main categories of cryptocurrency and payment, public chain and protocol, vertical chain and protocol, and vertical industrial application, the vertical chain and protocol sector increased the most, increasing by 18.34%.

top crypto projects

Through further classification of the vertical chain and protocol, it was found that this week’s corporate services and social network verticals were on obvious increases at a rate of 55.62% and 39.24%. Cloud services and entertainment verticals experienced the greatest decreases with a rate of 29.70% and 10.81% respectively.

market cap progress

Data source: OK Blockchain Capital

2. Analysis of Newly Listed Projects

 There were 10 new projects in the market last week (mainly of the content copyright vertical), 90% of which dropped in price within 24 hours of listing. Most of the newly issued tokens were listed on IDEX and HitBTC.

crypto projects ratio 2018

Data source:Coinmarketcap,feixiaohao,OK Blockchain Capital analysis

Table 2 . Newly listed projects

Project Token Field Exchange Platform Initial Listed Price($) Current Price($) 24h Trading Volume($) Launch Date
0chain ZCN Cloud service Ethfinex、IDEX 0.496757 0.514678  272,596 7/3
Egretia EG Public chain and protocol OKEx、Hotbit、IDEX 0.009094 0.008900 324,066 7/3
TaTaTu TTU Content copyright HitBTC 0.595679 0.554663 98,558 7/3
Dorado DOR Transportation HitBTC 0.011696 0.015109  784,331 7/3
ZINC ZINC Human resources Kucoin 0.164451 0.195345 3,155,520 7/4
CarBlock CAR Data services Bibox 0.038657 0.028182 642,723 7/4
Bob’s Repair BOB Consumerism Hotbit、IDEX 0.024513 0.023844 447,692 7/4
KanadeCoin KNDC Cryptocurrency and payment CoinExchange 0.000264 0.000260  42,004 7/4
Cardstack CARD Cryptocurrency and payment IDEX 0.006403 0.006556  524,788 7/4
Wowbit WWB Content copyright Bit-Z 0.265396 0.263429 413,667 7/4

Data source:Coinmarketcap, Feixiaohao

3. Analysis of Closed Public Sales Projects

There have been 43 closed public sales projects this week, totaling nearly 510 million USD. Among these projects, projects of the asset management field received most funding. This was closely followed by projects of the cryptocurrency and payment field.

categories of ico 2018

Table 3. Closed public sales projects (6.30-7.6)

Project Token Field Platform Soft Cap/$10K
PORNX PORNX Cryptocurrency and payment Ethereum 1500
Robo Advisor Coin RAC Asset management Ethereum 900
Robo Advisor Coin DUCAT Data services Ethereum 381
TaTaTu TTU Content copyright Ethereum 25000
ProKareX PKX IoT Ethereum 750
FENIX.CASH FENIX Content copyright QTUM 1000
Globatalent GBT Token Asset management Ethereum 500
PlayBets PLT Game Ethereum 100
Bryllite BRC Game Ethereum 1000
Caerus Connections CAER Human resources Ethereum 1500
Lattice LTI Cryptocurrency and payment Ethereum 100
Nuggets NUG Consumerism Ethereum 150
Wixlar Coin ICO WIX Exchange platform Ethereum 400
PRETHER PTH Cryptocurrency and payment Ethereum 30
Equadex EDEX Asset management Ethereum 500
The Freedom Coin TFC Asset management Ethereum 2500
SleekPlay SKP Content copyright Ethereum 210
RECORD Foundation RCD Content copyright Ethereum 600
Cardium CAD Medical insurance Ethereum 500
Sandblock SAT Token Corporate services Ethereum 200
DigiDex DGX Cryptocurrency and payment Ethereum 240
Kurecoin KRC Cryptocurrency and payment Ethereum 200
Globatalent GBT Token Asset management Ethereum 500
GladAge GAC Medical insurance Ethereum 200
Global REIT GRET Asset management Ethereum 500
DarcMatter Coin DMC Asset management NEM 5000
CMBT CMBT Corporate services Ethereum 370
Tradingene TNG Asset management Waves 400
OptiToken OPTI Asset management Ethereum 22
RankingBall RBG Game Ethereum 300
VISO VITO Cryptocurrency and payment Waves 300
CookUp CHEF Consumerism Ethereum 2100
Monaco Estate MEST Asset management Ethereum 600
BitScreener BITX Asset management Ethereum 300
Utrum OOT Asset management Komodo 100
Whalesburg WBT Asset management Ethereum 300
Tokpie TKP Exchange platform Ethereum 150
Safe.ad SAFE Cloud services Ethereum 300
WELL WELL Medical insurance Ethereum 300
Kurecoin KRC Cryptocurrency and payment Ethereum 200
Sandblock SAT Token Corporate services Ethereum 200
Cardium CAD Medical insurance Ethereum 500

Main data sources: Icobench, Foundico, smith and crown, icodata, icodrops, coinschedule, icoadvert
Secondary data sources:Project website

4. Important News on Global Governmental Policies this Past Week

crypto regulation

5.Keeping Up with the Blockchain Giants

blockchain giants 2018

6.Hot Topic of the Week: Binance was attacked by hackers, and the SYS coin increased in price by 3.2 million times

At about 4:18 am on July 4, 2018, some Binance users reported that the SYS transactions displayed abnormal trading behavior. At about 4:30 am, the price of SYS/BTC on Binance was increased to around 1SYS=96BTC, which was the highest price of SYS. The previous price of SYS was about 0.00003BTC. The price was increased 3.2 million times. Binance issued an announcement at 8:00 am on July 4th: announced temporary maintenance, suspension of trading and withdrawal.

On the evening of July 4, Binance issued an announcement stating that the incident was due to some API users. The API is an interface that can perform automated transactions. By controlling the API interface, the hacker manipulated the user’s account trading, thereby manipulating the price. The purpose of the hacker was not to steal the BTC from the Binance platform. Instead, their purpose was to increase the price of a coin, and then sell it at a high price on other trading platforms for profits.

It can be seen that the 24-hour volume of SYS has surged since the early morning of July 4. On trading platforms other than Binance, SYS’s trading volume reached hundreds of million dollars, and hackers were very likely to buy SYS ahead of these trading platforms, waiting for the opportunity to sell at a high price.

  • Binance’s plan for this abnormal trading event is as follows:
    • Binance deleted all API records and users can recreate and keep their API KEYs. Transactions that involved abnormality were rolled back.
    • Transactions that involved active participation from users who experienced great loss will be exempt from handling fees from 2018/07/05 to 2018/07/14.
    • The Binance Investor Protection Fund (SAFU) was established. From 2018/07/14, 10% of the transaction fees will be used as the investor protection fund, and the platform will pay the users first.

The issue Binance experienced has always been one of the most concerned topics for the users of the blockchain space. As the global transaction scale of digital assets continues to expand, the risk of hacker-attacks on cryptocurrency trading platforms are also increasing, and the current security incidents are frequent. The trading platforms must prevent hacker-attack and ensure the security of user assets through a series of risk control measures and security systems. Strengthening transaction security should be the primary task of cryptocurrency trading platforms and should be an important goal for the long-term development of the blockchain industry.


Table Upcoming Crowdfunding Projects(July 7-July 13)

Project Token Public offering launch date Public offering close date Field Token Quantity Public offering percentage* Hard cap
Letsbet XBET 2018/7/7 2018/8/8 Gambling 100M 77% 10000 ETH
Iagon IAG 2018/7/7 2018/9/7 Cloud services 1B 70%
Zodiaq ZOD 2018/7/8 2018/8/7 Finance 300M 80% 24.54M USD
REPU REPU 2018/7/8 2018/8/8 Consumerism 250M 80% 3000 ETH
BotGaming BOT 2018/7/9 2018/8/6 Gambling 60% 5M USD
OBSERVER TED 2018/7/9 2018/7/30 Consumerism 10B 40% 4,000 ETH
XBIT XBIT 2018/7/10 2018/7/24 Corporate services 1B 30%
Smart City Enterprise CITY 2018/7/10 2018/9/2 Consumerism 220M 50% 48M USD
MYDFS MYDFS 2018/7/10 2018/8/10 Entertainment 125M 40% 4M USD
WallChain WALL 2018/7/10 2018/7/30 Cryptocurrency and payment 15M 60% 3M USD
iShook SHK 2018/7/10 2018/12/31 Content copyright 1B 57% 20000 ETH
PearlPay PRLPAY 2018/7/10 2018/8/30 Cryptocurrency and payment 500M 35%
XRT XRT 2018/7/11 2018/8/30 Consumerism 500M 51% 40000 ETH
Plentix REFER 2018/7/11 2018/7/24 Consumerism 400M 70% 3M USD
OkeyDokey OKEY 2018/7/11 2018/7/31 Consumerism 750M 60%
JSEcoin JSE 2018/7/11 2018/10/1 Cryptocurrency and payment 40B 50%
Gnome Invasion GIT 2018/7/11 2018/9/28 Game 50M 78%
EtherAce Speculation Platform ACED 2018/7/12 2018/8/16 Gambling 125M 80% 8665 ETH
HELIX Orange HIX 2018/7/12 2018/7/27 ICO platform 5B 70%
BiteCoin Network BiteCoin 2018/7/12 2018/8/30 Consumerism 7B 70% 50000 ETH
Block66 B66 2018/7/12 2018/8/1 Lending 310M 50% 3M USD
ALLUXE LXC 2018/7/12 2018/8/16 Consumerism 222M 50% 27500 ETH
Sports Ledger SPSL 2018/7/12 2018/7/26 Entertainment 417M 60% 194,000 ETH
Lamoneda LMDA 2018/7/13 2018/8/30 Notary certification 500M 72% 10M USD
Tip Blockchain TIP 2018/7/13 2018/8/17 Cryptocurrency and payment 100M 60% 46450 ETH
ValPromise ValPromise 2018/7/13 Asset management 5B 15% 20000 ETH

*The ratio between public offering Token quantity and the total Token quantity of the project.
Main data sources Icobench, Foundico, smith and crown, icodata, icodrops, coinschedule, icoadvert
Supporting data source: websites of the projects

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