Winklevoss Price Ticker Has Started on Bloomberg

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Winklevoss Price Ticker Has Started on Bloomberg

WinkDex bitcoin financial index gets added to Bloomberg.

The Winklevoss brothers, well known for fighting the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the court, launched the financial index, the ‘WinkDex’, in February this year.

The Winklevoss’ bitcoin price index has appeared on Bloomberg for the first time. The index is listed under WINKBTCO, it’s a good step for newly launched index to reach Bloomberg’s bitcoin community.

The brief blogpost from the WinkDex team states: “We are honored to be working with Bloomberg to bring a blended bitcoin price index to their wider investor community. Additionally, we have many new features that we plan to roll out over the coming weeks, including an API.”

WinkDex is one bitcoin related initiative that was launched by Tyler and Cameron Winklewoss earlier this year. The brothers are concentrating their work toward the launch of their long-awaited bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust that was first proposed in 2013 and is currently awaiting regulatory approval by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

The  WinkDex can be viewed as an effective bitcoin price component of the Winklevoss’ bitcoin ETF. The index was mentioned in one of the ETF regulatory filings and it was specified as a way of creating an accurate spot price that eliminates price confusion and shows the true bitcoin’s value.

Last July the Winklevoss brothers submitted the initial ETF document, the twins claimed to hold 1% of all bitcoins.

However, WinDex is not the first bitcoin-related ticker to be added to Bloomberg system. Bloomberg started working ith a bitcoin price ticker last year. In April it was reported that users of the Bloomberg platform would be able to chack bitcoin prices via the VCCY ticker, with bitcoin pricing from Coinbase exchange.

The main difference is that Coinbase use the market rates to set the prices while WinkDex’s price is based on the prices of selected exchanges.

The Bloomberg terminal is a professional service used mainly by financial professionals, the service has over 300,000 subscribers who pay for the licence fee each year – $20,000.

However it is emphasized that the users can’t trade the crypto currency on Bloomberg’s platform, now they are able to track bit coin prices as well as relevant social media posts.

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