Xiaomi Unveils Premium Segment Mi CC9 Pro Smartphone with Eye-Popping 108MP Camera

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Xiaomi Unveils Premium Segment Mi CC9 Pro Smartphone with Eye-Popping 108MP Camera
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Xiaomi’s Mi CC9 Pro premium edition handset tops the DxOMark results performing excellently in several categories.

China-based smartphone manufacturing giant Xiaomi has a new offering in the market for its fans. Known for introducing budget handsets over the last few years, Xiaomi now brings its premium segment high-end smartphone, the Mi CC9 Pro. While the handset packs all premium hardware and powerful machine, the company has put a major focus on its camera.

As smartphone manufacturers have lured customers by showcasing the device’s machine prowess, the camera is one segment that still continues to draw the awe of users. Xiaomi with its Mi CC9 Pro has done the same.

The Mi CC9 Pro hosts what the company calls as the “Penta-Camera” setup featuring five high-end camera lenses. The primary camera is a wide-angle 108MP Quad-Bayer sensor which can produce 27MP image output. Just beside it, there are two 20MP ultra-wide cameras or tele-lenses for optimized performance.

CC9 Pro Camera Tops the DxOMark Results

During its recent testing by image quality measurement platform DxOMark, the CC9 Pro topped the benchmark charts. Describing the two tele-lenses, DxO Mark writes:

“The short telephoto provides a 2x zoom factor (50mm equivalent), and the long telephoto multiplies the primary camera’s equivalent focal length by approximately 3.5 (94mm-equivalent)”.

The benchmark score shows that the Xiaomi CC9 Pro is in neck-to-neck competition with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. With an overall DxOMark score of 121, the CC9 Pro has tied with the Mate 30 Pro. However, the Mate 30 Pro still leads CC9 Pro in terms of the “photo score” by just mere two points. On the other hand, the CC9 Pro tops the “video score” beating the likes of Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

According to DxoMark, the handset balances photographic metrics like noise, autofocus, and white-balance pretty well. Besides, the color rendering is also consistent and pleasant. Besides, the massive camera setup caters to accurate color reproduction in any lighting conditions.

The benchmarking platform says that the CC9 Pro camera performs excellently while shooting outdoors at night. “The Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition is an excellent performer when shooting outdoors at night. In our cityscape test scene, the camera correctly did not fire its flash when set to Auto, while calculating an accurate exposure and doing a good job of preserving bright highlights “, they wrote.

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