A New Use Case for Bitcoin, Ucontrol.TV Launches Bitcoin Controlled Live Web Streams

Place/Date: Austin, TX - October 26th, 2015 at 6:11 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: Ucontrol.TV

Ucontrol.TV has created the first live demonstration where anyone, anywhere can control the flow of water using Bitcoin as the on/off switch.

“Not only does Bitcoin act as the switch but the amount of Bitcoin sent is proportionate to the amount of water dispensed” explains Dale Malone, Managing Partner at Ucontrol.TV

Anyone worldwide can watch and control water buckets within a live video stream by sending a small amount of Bitcoin (0.001btc equivalent to $0.24) to an address associated with each bucket. The more Bitcoin sent the longer the bucket will fill with water.

Bucket 1 supports The Water Project charity in Africa. Bucket 2 supports Sean’s Outpost a homeless shelter in Florida and bucket 3 helps pay the water bills at Ucontrol.TV. This fascinating first proof of concept is creating a new category of Bitcoin applications where crowds of users can interact with a single device.

Future innovative channels in development include:

–  Zoo Animal Feeding:  Imagine a live cam on the penguin exhibit but now integrate Ucontrol.TV into the stream.  Buckets can now be filled with sardines and the penguins can be fed by anyone in the world who sends Bitcoins to that bucket.  The zoo gets additional revenue and site visitors while the user gets a more interactive experience with the animals.

–  Live Concert Control:  A live cam is streaming a local concert but now Ucontrol.TV is inserted into the stream.  The audience can now control the song lineup by the collective power of sending small amounts of Bitcoin to different addresses which effectively acts as a voting booth.

Using Bitcoin to control devices and monetize live video streams is a creating an entirely new way for people to interact on a global scale.  Observers can look forward to new and exciting live channels to be developed by Ucontrol.TV.