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Activision Releases Trailer for the New Call of Duty with Sensitive Political Themes Weaved

UTC by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read

The much-anticipated trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been finally revealed to the game fans worldwide. It’s a fresh look at the controversial conflict shown in the previous game of the franchise.

Activision has introduced the much-anticipated trailer for its new part of Call of Duty franchise to the army of fans. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is said to be a reboot of the original franchise, an allusion to the game’s own past.

The trailer shows the game that is to be based on hyper-realistic scenarios. And this type of scenarios is a highly-demanded one among gamers. Moreover, with this game, Activision team has touched very sensitive political themes. Such a move also looks very promising on the modern gaming landscape.

Real fans of the game definitely remember the days of Modern Warfare 2. In that part, according to the plot, gamers needed to participate in a campaign called “No Russian”. The gamers should gun down people at a Moscow airport.

It’s quite natural that some countries banned the game due to the civilian massacre scenes. Now, the developer behind the franchise, Infinity Ward, took a decision to show the situation from the side of terrorists. But some members of the online community consider this initiative to be quite controversial. The new installment already has received an alternative name from fans – “No Russian: The Game”.

Nevertheless, Jacob Minkoff, the single-player design director on Modern Warfare, is confident that the game should demonstrate various viewpoints of conflict.

“We are telling a story about modern war in the real world. If we whitewash it, if we backpedal from it, if we show a world where the heroes fight the terrorists and win, you never see the impact on the average person, the collateral damage, or the morally gray situations that soldiers themselves have to face,” he explained.

Such an explanation seems quite weighty for many fans. And it is clear that they now want to see very realistic scenes of war. But despite all the research done, it is difficult to create a realistic view of war based on second-hand experience only.

Maybe exactly this lack of real understanding of how everything happens in the real world is the reason why the game still causes some questions about real roles. Who are real heroes and who are the terrorists in the plot offered by the game developer?

Fans will have a chance to find their own answers already this autumn. The launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC will take place on October 25.

Activision Stock

Meanwhile, the new trailer is not the only reason to speak about Activision today. Finally, the price of its shares has started to grow. Since September of the year 2018, they have fallen drastically by almost 50 percent.

However, on Tuesday the shares of Activision Blizzard were up 4.3% to $44.11 after being added by Goldman Sachs to its America’s Conviction Buy list. On the Nasdaq Stock Market, the shares added 2.86% and reached the mark of $43.50.

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