Bitcoin Direct Announces the World’s First Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM

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Bitcoin Direct Announces the World’s First Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM
Mike Tyson added some punch to the debut of his ATM machine in Las Vegas on Thursday by showing up at its unveiling at LINQ Hotel & Casino. Photo: Bitcoin Direct LLC

Bitcoin Direct LLC, a subsidiary of Conexus Corporation, and Mike Tyson unveiled the first Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM in Las Vegas yesterday.

First information about Mike Tyson entering the bitcoin industry appeared in summer. It was reported that he was planning to start ATMs in two Las Vegas locations. The news was treated quite suspiciously.

When the excitement settled down, experts went into details. It was found out that domain name is registered in the name of Peter Klamka, Chief Executive Officer of Bitcoin Brands Inc. It’s necessary to mention that the company wasn’t held with respect.

Most experts shared the opinion that Mike Tyson got involved in the deal by a fast talker. He must have been promised millions of dollars if he agreed to lend his name to the enterprise. Klamka refuted all allegations that his new venture with Tyson had something to do with Bitcoin Brands. The company was supposed to operate under the name of Bitcoin Direct LLC with shares divided 50-50 between Mike and Bitcoin Direct.

As a response to everyone who hadn’t believed the success of the enterprise, the first Mike Tyson’s ATM was opened in Las Vegas yesterday. The presentation took place at Off the Strip at the LINQ.

Obvious advantage of buying bitcoin at Mike Tyson ATM comparing to online purchase is privacy and convenience. All you need now is bitcoin wallet – the ATM will turn cash into bitcoin and transfer bitcoin to your wallet.

Mike Tyson admitted to “be honored to join the bitcoin revolution.” He revealed that current ATM in Las Vegas is only the first step. In the future he is planning to open bitcoin ATMs all over the world.

“I’m honored to join the bitcoin revolution with my very first bitcoin ATM,” said Mike Tyson. “The Mike Tyson branded Bitcoin ATM at Off the Strip at the LINQ is the first of hopefully many across the globe. I’m very excited about the possibilities.”

Already-mentioned Peter Klamka, CEO of Bitcoin Direct LLC, said at the opening: “Bitcoin Direct is extremely pleased to be partnering with Mike Tyson, the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, to help introduce and promote the use of digital currency by the general public. Mike is a universally known boxer and celebrity whose fan base extends across a broad demographic. People around the world of all ages recognize him”.

As a reminder Bitcoin Direct LLC acts as a partner of the famous sportsman in this project. The company seems to make a good choice as the popularity of Tyson can significantly contribute to the promotion of bitcoin.

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