Blockchain-based Ad Exchange AdEx Partners with INK to Rush Into the Real Sector

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Blockchain-based Ad Exchange AdEx Partners with INK to Rush Into the Real Sector
INK team. Photo: INK / Twitter

Decentralized ad network AdEx teamed up with travel media company Ink to add blockchain technology to the real sector of economy.

AdEx, an international advertisement exchange operating on smart contracts and blockchain technology, has announced it exclusively collaborated with Ink, the world’s leading travel media company.

The latter is the world’s biggest travel media company, whose services cover millions of airline passengers annually. The company issues magazines, offers online and mobile experience and additional media services.

AdEx is among the biggest decentralized ad exchanges in the world. It employs blockchain and smart contracts to attain transparent interactions between all parties involved in advertising, and is partners with such renowned blockchain companies and projects as NEO, Wings, and Fintech Blockchain Group.

The partnership will see the companies holding an auction for advertisement spaces on boarding passes on blockchain, which is the first instance ever when such an auction ever occurs.

This is also one of few instances when a blockchain-based company enters the real sector of economy.

Simon Leslie, CEO of Ink, said:

“We are pleased to be working with AdEx to deliver advertisers such a targeted medium, and to be involved in this media first.”

During the first auction the companies will sell 2 million ad spaces on boarding tickets. AdEx will be managing the very process of bidding while Ink and the involved airline will decide on the winners.

Ivo Georgiev, CEO of AdEx Network, commented:

“This is a giant step for us as it bridges travel media, advertising and blockchain to offer advertisers even more opportunities for reaching their desired target audiences.”

According to him, such companies as eToro and Propy have already expressed their desire to bid for the ad places in the forthcoming auction.

The exact results and further details of the auction will be published next week.

AdEx has already partnered with several prominent cryptocurrency-related companies. After their partnership with digital assets platform NEO was announced this August, the price of the platform’s native token ADX skyrocketed to almost $2 from $0.35 in just a few days. Currently ADX is traded at around $1.

It is necessary to add that  AdEx announced a partnership with video distribution company Flixxo.

Ivo Georgiev, CEO of AdEx, commented:

“The solution offered by AdEx seeks to benefit all parties involved in the online advertising ecosystem, which means end users as well as advertisers and publishers, while removing unnecessary and downright risky elements currently associated with centralized infrastructure.”

Earlier this year,  AdEx has teamed up with video entertainment platform Stremio to deploy its solutions in the platform’s application. Introduced in 2015, Stremio is a semi-open source video entertainment platform designed to host and deliver different type of video content within the same application. The app has already been downloaded by 4 million people. Stremio is similar to other video platforms, which all monetize through third-party ads. However, ads placement solutions are often criticized due to non-transparency and difficulties related bidding and publishing.

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