Decentralized Ad Platform AdEx to Partner with Video Entertainment Platform Stremio

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Decentralized Ad Platform AdEx to Partner with Video Entertainment Platform Stremio
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Stremio will provide its video entertainment platform for AdEx, an advertising platform that aims to ensure fairness and transparency for advertisers and publishers.

Blockchain-based online ad exchange AdEx has teamed up with video entertainment platform Stremio to deploy its solutions in the platform’s application.

Introduced in 2015, Stremio is a semi-open source video entertainment platform designed to host and deliver different type of video content within the same application. The app has already been downloaded by 4 million people. Stremio is similar to other video platforms, which all monetize through third-party ads. However, ads placement solutions are often criticized due to non-transparency and difficulties related bidding and publishing.

AdEx was developed as a platform to allow publishers easily connect with advertisers. The startup provides a blockchainized solution that offers automatic payouts to publishers.

Led by co-founders Ivo Georgiev and Dimo Stoyanov, AdEx aims to transform existing advertising industry by solving its main issues such as privacy and the risk of advertising fraud. It will allow users to decide which ads to view by selecting their preferences without sacrificing their personal data and privacy.

The development of AdEx has not yet finished, but the companies agreed to launch AdEx’s solution once the work on the platform will be finished.

“The AdEx and Stremio teams will be working closely together on the integration of our solution in their platform once the exchange becomes fully operational,” said Vanina Ivanova, AdEx’s CMO. “We are looking forward to implementing AdEx in a real-world environment as it will demonstrate the full range of new capabilities and advantages that the blockchain technology can offer to the online advertisement industry.”

AdEx will work with any platform, not only with video entertainment platforms, and will be available on any browser. The app will be easy to use and will require no special technical knowledge.

Stremio app now has millions of users worldwide, so the platform will attract interest of advertisers from multiple industries.

“We believe that incorporating such a reliable solution for ad serving in our platform would dramatically enhance our operations and bring the technologies of monetizing to a whole new level. Partnership with AdEx could be a first step in creating the online advertisement industry of tomorrow,” said Nikola Hristov, the Head of Adtech at Stremio.

In June, AdEx launched a crowdsale campaign to finance further development of the platform. The project managed to raise more than $10 million in just three hours since the beginning of the ICO. Besides, the project has gained support from such industry influencers as Bitmain, WINGS, and FBG.

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