BSAVE To Launch Next Generation Of Bitcoin Savings After $400 000 Seed Investment

Place/Date: London, UK - October 26th, 2015 at 6:22 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: BSAVE

London based BSAVE introduces a new platform that enables users to profit directly from their dormant bitcoins and offers a profitable saving solution that suits both short-term and long-term savers. BSAVE users begin to accrue competitive interest within the first minute of transferring Bitcoins to their BSAVE savings account. Daily interest is automatically credited to the users Coinbase wallet at the end of each 24H period. The full amount of Bitcoins is available if the user wishes to withdraw funds with no financial penalties. BSAVE offers a simple, secure and hassle free way of saving.

BSAVE managed to secure a successful round of funding, raising over $400 000 in seed capital. BSAVE offers daily variable interest rate payments calculated using sophisticated mathematical algorithms reflecting both the size of the balance and the time spent in the saving account. BSave platform displays a prime widget showing at a glance the live projection of users’ daily return. The projection change in synch with the performance of the margin loan market, keeping you up to date and allowing users to make decisions based on relevant information.

Former Societe Generale quantitative analyst Jonathan Azeroual co-founded BSAVE with the vision to radically simplify the process of online saving and investment; opening the potential of financial services in digital currencies to millions of people around the world.

“People come to expect more robust, user friendly and dynamic platform. It’s the threshold for delivering a digital product or service today. Money and banking are certainly moving toward this digital hunt and financial services face a digital and human imperative to become more efficient.

 Bitcoin and digital crypto-currencies may be best suited to disrupt finance and become a global platform for storing and exchanging value. BSAVE aims to unlock this potential by introducing a paradigm shift for online savings.”

The Bitcoin savings platform is built on the services of well-established Bitcoin wallet Coinbase that allows the account holder to manage their Bitcoin funds easily and safely. BSAVE chose to partner with Coinbase due to their stringent security procedures and their large customer base.

BSAVE strives to become the customers first choice Bitcoin saving platform combining attractive rates, user-friendly interface and cutting-edge security. BSAVE users can watch their account balance grow fully protected by encrypted SSL and 2-step verification. Security systems ensures withdrawals can only be done from your BSAVE account to its associated Coinbase wallet and are at all times monitored by BSAVE’s in-house security team.

Registration for early access has already opened at

The BSAVE team consists of a group of online entrepreneurs with a vision for combining the potential of alternative investments with the power of new technology. They bring proven experience and solid professional expertise from diverse backgrounds in the fields of finance, high tech development and online marketing.