BTC China Launches New Structure of Fees and Features

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BTC China Launches New Structure of Fees and Features
On March 4th, BTC China welcomed a new member – Litecoin, which quickly gained in popularity. Photo: Krista Gonzales/Flickr

BTC China announced litecoin trading and waives trading fees across their platform.

BTC China is about to shorten the trading fees for Bitcoin currency exchange to 0%. Plus to that BTC China added the option to trade bitcoin for litecoin and vice versa.

Now it is available for simple users. Earlier this month, BTC China has added litecoin to the list of supported currencies. This step gave customers a possibility to buy the popular altcoin using local currency CNY with 0% trading fees.

 “In order to standardize the three trading methods, we have decided to waive the BTC/CNY trading commission fee from March 21, 11:00am (GMT +8)!”, reads the compamy’s statement

To withdraw litecoins from the site has a cost of 0.001 litecoins (under $0.01), for instance the current CNY withdrawal fee is 0.5%. BTC China had recently added new features to the service. Among them there is possibility to add and manage multiple bank accounts.

BTC China is the biggest bitcoin exchange in the world after it beat Bitstamp and Mt. Gox, which had recently filed a bankruptcy. It’s daily trading volumes is approximately 15,000 BTC.

“It’s an honor to see that BTC China has been propelled ahead to number one in the worldwide rankings. The real credit goes to the people in China, for having recognized the importance and value of bitcoin.”, told Bobby Lee, Chief Executive of BTC China

The new fee structure (or lack thereof) takes effect on the 21st of March at 11AM (GMT +8). Fees for Litecoin withdrawal are pegged at Ł0.001. The current fee for withdrawing yuan is 0.5%.

BTC China also announced another new features:

  1. New Bank Account Management
    you can now add and manage multiple bank accounts. When withdrawing, you don’t have to input lengthy card numbers and other bank details.
  2. New Voice SMS Verification Code
    If you are unable to receive SMS, you can opt for Voice SMS Verification Code.
  3. New Confirmation Dialogue Box
    A confirmation dialog box will pop-up when you place an order to minimize error occurrences.
  4. No minimum CNY withdrawal limit
    Even if your account balance is under 200CNY, you are able to withdraw all the remaining balance.
  5. Litecoin API trading is now available
  6. More Markets added to the Homepage

The new fee system activates on the 21st of March at 11:00.

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