I Asked ChatGPT to Pick One Coin with 100x Return from Tradecurve, XRP and Polygon for 2023

Place/Date: - June 8th, 2023 at 12:55 pm UTC · 3 min read
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I Asked ChatGPT to Pick One Coin with 100x Return from Tradecurve, XRP and Polygon for 2023
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Finding a 100x cryptocurrency can be difficult, also with the current market it’s even harder to spot these gem projects, but with the implementation of ChatGPT’s AI technology has become a lot easier. When asked to pick the best altcoins with a 100x potential return, ChatGPT responded with Tradecurve, XRP, and Polygon. We will dive into the predictions surrounding each project to see how far it thinks they can go.

ChatGPT and Its Outlook for XRP

I asked ChatGPT to give us insights into the future of the XRP cryptocurrency; the AI chatbot noted that increased adoption by financial institutions could pave the way towards its future increase in value and that regulatory clarity is essential, as the project is still facing legal challenges in the United States.

Once resolved, the XRP cryptocurrency can spike in value. Technological advancements will also pave the way for the XRP crypto, and the project can climb to a value of $1.2 by the end of 2023 if done correctly.

As for its current point of value, XRP trades at $0.521967 as of June 5, 2023. In the last 30 days, XRP increased by 14.7%, and in the last week, it’s been up 8.5%. With this momentum in mind, XRP needs to break past $0.7 to make ChatGPT’s prediction a reality.

What ChatGPT Thinks About Polygon

Then I asked ChatGPT to make predictions surrounding Polygon. The key features that help Polygon stand out include the increased adoption by developers on Ethereum, as Polygon is used as a Layer-2 scaling solution, the growth of its DeFi ecosystem, and technological advancements that can improve its security, scalability, and user experience. ChatGPT predicted that the cryptocurrency could climb to $2 by the end of 2023.

With that in mind, as of June 5, 2023, Polygon trades at $0.873. In the last 30 days, it’s been down by 8.4%, and in the last week alone, Polygon has been down 5.8%. Polygon needs to break past $0.9 in order to achieve the predicted target value of $2.

Why ChatGPT Estimates a 100x Growth for Tradecurve

Tracecuve is a hybrid exchange that combines the best elements found in CEXs and DEXs by enabling borderless access to crypto and any other derivative without KYC requirements and at the lowest fees in the industry, powered by the TCRV utility token.

When I asked ChatGPT about its future, the AI noted how DEXs are becoming favorable options for investors after the collapse of CEXs in the past, where one of the most notable examples was FTX. The AI noted how Tradecurve is still in its early stages but has already attracted a lot of attention, and the project can raise $20 million during the presale and onboard 100,000 users in the first three months of operation.

At a Stage 3 presale price of $0.015, TCRV is a solid altcoin to get, and if the predictions are correct, it can climb 100x in value on release.

For more information regarding Tradecurve see links: WebsitePresaleTwitterTelegram.

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