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3 Conferences that Target the Next Phase of Blockchain Development

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 4 min read
3 Conferences that Target the Next Phase of Blockchain Development
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As the year winds down, key players in the blockchain industry are taking inventory of an eventful season while they prepare for what promises to be more interesting times ahead.

2018 stands out as the year when the blockchain industry engaged the various angles that define the ecosystem.

The record price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the beginning of the year reveals the potential of value stored in the technology. The flexibility of the crowdfunding systems that blockchain permitted showed new ways of capitalization.

Certain challenges also gave birth to new ideas and different ways of thinking, which have reflected on the industry as a whole. For instance, the “Scaling” difficulty encountered by bitcoin has led to a lot of people considering it as digital gold, rather than a transaction vehicle.

Keeping in Touch with the Trend

The popular way to maximize the opportunities that are presented by the blockchain industry remains to be well informed about the trends and development. At the same time, the community design of the entire ecosystem makes it expedient for networking to be a very strong tool in driving ideas within the industry.

Blockchain conferences have proven to be vital platforms that aid the development of the industry as a whole. Education, exposure, connection, and networking are benefits that have been emphasized by blockchain summits and conferences.

Industry leaders have found a way to make their opinions known and present facts of their intense analysis of developments during these events. Thus, it is no surprise that with every transition period comes key events that herald the new season.

A number of blockchain events have been slated for the year ending 2018 and the beginning of 2019. This period coincides with the transition from the ICO era to the product development/launch season as eagerly anticipated. Hence, participants are taking an opportunity to position themselves strategically as the new wave kicks off.

Beyond Blocks Summit, Bangkok

November 26-27, 2018 will witness the Beyond Blocks Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok as a city is growing in reputation as a blockchain friendly environment. This reputation automatically attracts various key players and startups, thereby making it easy for blockchain to thrive based on synergy.

Considering this outlook, it is reasonable to expect a robust and versatile event where major players will be well represented. Therefore, the summit which will feature A-listers like Charles Hoskinson of IOHK, Wei Zhou of Binance and Ryan Gaylor of Ripple isn’t one to be taken for granted.

Some of the key topics in the Summit agenda include:

• Silicon Valley Vs Asia: Path To Redemption In Crypto
• Scalability: The Quintessential Blockchain Hurdle
• Cryptocurrency Exchanges: A (Not-so) Long Term Vision

The Next Block Conference, Tel Aviv

With speakers that cut across both the blockchain and mainstream ecosystem, the Next Block Conference provides a platform to dissect the numerous developments that the industry has experienced, especially in 2018.

The event is planned to set the tone for the next phase which is about to kick while providing participants with a clear industrial outlook on what to expect.

Beyond education and guidance, the event also promises to provide networking opportunities for participants to build fruitful and lasting relationships.

Nitron Summit 2019, San Francisco

As one of the early events of 2019, TRON will be hosting its first international summit on January 17-18, 2019. It is an event that also attracts a wide range of experts from within the blockchain industry and beyond, as well as famous icons such as Kobe Bryant.

TRON as an entity is dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the Internet through blockchain technology and decentralized applications. Therefore, as the blockchain movement grows and encroaches into the mainstream, there is not a better time to foster innovation within the industry. This is the focus of the Nitron summit.

Blockchain evolution continues, and research and ideas will be continually communicated through the right channels. Conferences, summits and meetups have served as an effective platform for education, communication, and networking. There is still a lot to achieve within the industry and these events as mentioned above do have significant roles to play as participants position themselves to maximize the opportunities provided.

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