Decentralized Ad Network AdEx to Partner with eSports Platform EloPlay

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Decentralized Ad Network AdEx to Partner with eSports Platform EloPlay
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AdEx and EloPlay – mutual collaboration to present an ad module that will offer a source of revenue for all of the participants in the advertising marketplace.

AdEx, an international blockchain-based advertising network, has announced its partnership with the online eSports project EloPlay. Implementing marketing, advertising and monetization solutions developed by AdEx will allow EloPlay platform to create an ad module on a blockchain-powered platform.

Initially designed for running one-on-one eSports tournaments only, EloPlay now represents a full-fledged platform hosting team tournaments as well as quick battles.

For each victory scored on the official web-site players are currently rewarded with bitcoins, but the platform is looking forward to implementing its own cryptocurrency ELT for all kinds of internal payments in near future. The ongoing EloPlay’s crowdsale of ELT tokens will start on October 16, 2017 and is planned to last until November 15, 2017.

According to the latest report, over the past 18 months, the EloPlay team has been looking into blockchain as a solution to the issues experienced by traditional eSports platforms.

By these means, EloPlay platform has recently announced its running so-called “smart tournaments” – events with decentralized prize pools. Moreover, the platform also supports sponsored tournaments organized by brands and companies to offer additional advertising opportunities.

Vitaly Balakhonov, СЕО of EloPlay, stated:

“Projects like Adex open new horizons for all participants of online ad markets. It is evident that introducing an ad module on a blockchain-powered platform could generate significant profits”.

On behalf of AdEx, Ivo Georgiev, company’s CEO commented:

“We are very happy that EloPlay have selected AdEx as a partner in their endeavor of monetizing their platform. We are positive that our technology will help attract advertisers who target eSport audiences, and we believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial.”

Collaboration with EloPlay will become the next step for AdEx in company’s intention to expand. On August 16 the network announced its partnership with smart economy platform NEO, one of the leading China-based open source blockchain, targeting to increase the efficiency of the advertising network and to push the development of Smart Economy further. And a little bit later on August 10 AdEx announced its successful collaboration  with video Entertainment Platform Stremio aiming at reaching full transparancy, guaranteeing high level of privacy to its users and excluding the risk of advertising fraud.

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