Decentralized Ecosystem Yodse Bridges Manufacturers with Customers of Industrial Goods

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 4 min read

The Yodse project launches a blockchain-based ecosystem that conceived to unite interests of both manufactures and end-customers of industrial sector while reducing financial and time costs.

The recent analysis of multi-billion industrial market and rapidly growing e-commerce sector has revealed a poor quality of feedback between end-customer and manufacturer that ultimately undermines timely demand research and effective conduct of business, thus leading to mutual financial losses.

However, Yodse brings digital transformation in industrial sector of economy with blockchain technology. It has developed into an open decentralized ecosystem that offers users advanced, well-predicted, interconnected technological solutions. The Yodse ecosystem possess a unique resource that will allow manufacturers of industrial products and customers to communicate directly without intermediaries.

The platform’ mission is to become the largest online ecosystem for the most comfortable, rapid and profitable cooperation between industrial products manufacturers and customers regardless of their location. This global, decentralized and transparent B2B / B2C trading platform has all the advantages of blockchain technology and thus provides small and medium-sized businesses with the high-tech products and convenient user-friendly tools designed to improve their performance.

By joining Yodse’s community manufacturers will automatically receive an access to the fundamentally new level of elaboration, which will significantly expand the client base. Customers, in turn, will be enabled to purchase products directly from manufacturers and therefore reduce level of risks, get high-quality technical support as well as convenient and smooth-running service of product shipping and guaranteed delivery.

The main advantage of the global ecosystem Yodse compared to other platforms is the transparency of transactions available on the marketplace owing to the blockchain technology. Using Yodse tokens, the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses will be able to gain new opportunities in the sale of their products while saving on marketing expenditures. Additionally the Yodse platform allows manufactures to encourage customers’ loyalty by providing buyers with a wide range of products for which it is possible to pay in both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.

Another distinctive feature of this marketplace is a transparent system of feedbacks by real buyers, whose transactions are confirmed by smart contracts. The Yodse platform will allow users to easily navigate the machine building market, derive maximum benefit from purchase and acquire quality goods without overpaying to intermediaries for their services. The Yodse ecosystem is ready to deliver users a 24/7 system support, available localization of products and direct prices for products from manufacturers.

Unlike many companies that issue tokens in order to collected necessary funds for their realization in the future, the Yodse tokens are utilized to maintain the platform’s functionality. As mentioned above, the Yodse tokens allow to pay services and remunerations of the platform, due to which the stable work of the platform will be supported.

The customers will be able to pay for goods and for contractors’ services who, in turn, will pay with tokens for the platform services. Besides that, the acquired Yodse tokens allow to become the participant of the referral program and to gain income from sales, moreover, to participate in the platform improvement and the expansion process of its functionality.

At press time, the Yodse platform carries out a preliminary sale of tokens within which the most favorable terms are provided to the buyers. By now it is possible to buy Yodse token with a bonus of 30% of its initial price which is $1. This price is valid not only on the pre-ICO period, but also within the main stage of sale that will take place from May 20 to July 30, 2018. It will also differ by the existence of bonuses for buyers, however the amount of the bonuses will be much lower.

The Yodse token will be added to listing of the largest exchanges in July-August 2018, where it can be bought or sold after the ICO ends. Besides, the opportunity of granting tokens in a loan under percent will be available to other participants of the Yodse ecosystem.

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