First Eastern Europe Bitcoin Conference Will Be Held in Slovenia This September

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First Eastern Europe Bitcoin Conference Will Be Held in Slovenia This September
Whether you are a Bitcoin owner, developer, entrepreneur, venture capitalist or just an individual who is looking to step into Bitcoin community, conference's agenda will offer bleeding edge intelligence for everyone and anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies. Photo: Andrej Trnkoczy/Flickr

Slovenia holds the first Central and Eastern Europe Bitcoin Conference, inviting such notable speakers as the CEO of GoCoin and representatives from BitPay and Butterfly Labs.

Next month in Slovenia the Bitcoin central and Eastern Europe Conference will be held for the bitcoin enthusiasts around the world.

The event is organized by GreCom and sponsored by GoCoin, that helps merchants accept payments in different digital currency including bitcoin. The conference takes place on 11th and 12th September.

Gregor Knafelc, GreCom’s managing director, said the aim of the event is to promote Bitcoin through the business success stories, also the conference will cover the legal issues around the bitcoin.

“We will discuss new trends and business models and of course have fun too. We wish to see our participants get complete information regarding bitcoin business through our conference, for instance, about the banking, taxations and other legal procedures in the CEE region.”

Knafelc mentioned that he wants to show the range of Bitcoin business opportunities to both professionals and enthusiasts.

The keynote speech will be given by GoCoin’s CEO, Steve Beauregard, the full list of other speakers and panellists is listed below:

      • Jesse Heaslip, CEO,
      • Josh Zerlan, operations manager, Butterfly Labs
      • Christian Ander, CEO,
      • Elizabeth T. Ploshay, member of Bitcoin Foundation and account manager, BitPay
      • Radoslav Albrecht, founder,
      • Abdul Haseeb Awan, co-founder, BitAccess Canada
      • Alexis Roussel, vice president, The Pirate Party
      • Stanislav Wolf, VP product development, Yacuna AG
      • Hans Henrik H. Heming, CEO,
      • Jean-Louis Schiltz, legal adviser, professor at University of Luxembourg, ex minister of the Luxembourg government
      • Matija Mazi, software developer
      • Deborah Thoden-Peden, partner, Pillsbury Law
      • Matjaž Pajk, barrister, Dušan Korošec and Barristers Law Firm
      • Luka Pušić, president, Bitcoin Association of Slovenia
      • Jeremy Bonney, product manager, CoinDesk

The first day will begin with a speech given by GoCoin’s CEO, after which the following sessions will start:

      • Bitcoin and financial inclusion and innovation
      • The future of bitcoin mining
      • The history of the bitcoin exchange space (featuring Mt Gox, Ripple and others)
      • Network effects, exchanges and pump and dump schemes
      • The opportunities offered by bitcoin two-way ATM machines
      • The issues of bitcoin regulation
      • Business with bitcoin in Slovenia (with an emphasis on tax and criminal law)

The second day will focus on investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies, virtual currency regulations and anti-money laundering practice, how to explain bitcoin to clients, and the future of bitcoin.

The conference is the first one in Eastern Europe and GreCom wants it to become the annual event in the future. The location of the place is quite good having in mind the short distance between Slovenia and other European countries.

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