Hotel Booking Site GoCityHotels Will Accept Bitcoin This Month

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by Konstantin Lazarev · 3 min read
Hotel Booking Site GoCityHotels Will Accept Bitcoin This Month’s owner originally asked for 10 unique contacts asking for Bitcoin before he would consider implementing it. Instead, in less than 24 hours, the hotel booking website received more than 200 different contacts from interested users around the world. Photo: Siarhei Karotki/Coinspeaker

If there’s something the Reddit’s bitcoin community is great at, it’s telling different type of businesses that they should accept bitcoins.

Today the messages from Bitcoiners are much easier to send online through emails, or in the form of business offers, feedback forms and so on. As a result this has made to report that they will add Bitcoin as one of the payment options this month.


Yesterday, one of the Bitcoin subReddit users named ButterflySammy asked others to help him book his “first Bitcoin Holiday” through on Reddit’s Bitcoin community page. ButterflySammy had reached the owner of and had a conversation with him about Bitcoin.

Nick, the owner of, and Sammy reached a deal quick quickly due to the fact that Nick  was indeed interested in Bitcoin.

The terms of the deal are the following: If 10 unique people connect to through their contact web page and specifically ask for Bitcoin functionality, then it would be silly of not to implement it.

If only every other business in the world followed that same prudent example.  Sammy’s post received lots of attention from the Bitcoiners and also got over a thousand upvotes.

The next day GoCityHotels posted to /r/Bitcoin that the new payment option will be added soon. In addition it is more likely that this post will receive a big number if upvotes and a large amount of publicity.

Nick said that he would consider acceptance of Bitcoin only if he receives 10 unique contacts’ requests. However, GoCityHotels received more than 200 different contacts from keen users from all over the world. is based in London and the hotel booking website has over 20,000 hotels worldwide that it is ready to offer you.  Moreover, the company has over 15 years of experience in the industry.

It is obvious that Bitcoin is a good choice for any business that is looking to expand its customer base globally.The wner of mentioned that he has talked to the company’s developers about digital wallets and APIs.

It appears that GoCityHotels might be thinking of implementing and holding Bitcoin on their own, without any Bitcoin payment processors such as Coinbase, bitpay, or CoinVoice.

The Digital Currency Community’s Generosity

It is common that most of the Bitcoin news are bringing up bad stuff, such as shutdowns of Bitcoin exchanges or the decrease of bitcoin’s value. However, CCN quite often writes about the generosity of Digital Currency community.

Even though the Bitcoin community is small its footprint is unbelievably large, as it has people from different parts of the globe. Bitcoin has already funded River Parks in New Zealand and political organizations in America.  One of the main goals is to icrease the adoption of Bitcoin by merchants specifically hotels and restraunts.

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