Huobi-backed Startup Introduces an Affordable Blockchain Phone with Built-in Crypto Wallet

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Huobi-backed Startup Introduces an Affordable Blockchain Phone with Built-in Crypto Wallet
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Huobi plans to dive into the hardware applications market introducing an affordable blockchain smartphone, Acute Angle, which will come with a built-in crypto wallet and a plethora of other crypto products.

Huobi plans to dive into the hardware applications market for the first time. This announcement will take place on September 11 during the sixth Huobi Prime launch. On the same day, Huobi Global will launch the native token for both its innovative Acute Angle blockchain phone and Whole Network, NODE.

As part of this milestone launch, Huobi will allow Huobi Token (HT) users to purchase their Acute Angle phones using the Huobi Token. The cheaper blockchain phone will debut in Southeast Asia first and a European and US launch will follow later. Huobi stated that the phone comes with a price tag of $515 and can be purchased using the exchange’s native Huobi Token (HT) for almost half the price.

The Acute Angle phone is made by Whole Network which is a startup that Huobi invested in. Also announced on September 3, Whole Network’s NODE token will get listed on Huobi Prime. As we announced earlier, Sirin Labs’ Blockchain Smartphone ‘Finney’ was launched late last year comes with a price of $1,000. Finney is one of Acute Angle’s main competitors.

In May 2019, we highlighted that HTC was launching its Exodus 1s blockchain smartphone which Huobi also considers to be a major competitor. Exodus 1s is valued at $699 which makes Huobi’s Acute Angle the cheapest in the group. The Acute Angle phone is available in China, for now, with a Q4 2019 launch scheduled for Southeast Asia.

The Huobi Global CEO Livio Weng is confident that blockchain-based phones have a bright future. He said:

“We think blockchain phones are a promising area for future blockchain industry development. As the industry develops and as innovations like 5G become increasingly integrated into our telecommunications systems, we believe more and more crypto communities will want to trade and transact from mobile devices.”

Acute Angle Debunked

This phone was developed in China where it is currently available. The Android-based blockchain phone comes with a wide range of features that will meticulously serve crypto traders’ interests. The phone comes with a programmable notification feature that tells the user whenever certain market conditions happen. Some of these conditions include the price of any given coin rises or falls.

Unlike most of the other methods, Acute Angle’s notifications operate even when it is locked. Thus, users can better keep up with the market trends as they happen in real-time. This phone also incorporates an innovative mining/task reward feature that airdrops NODE to users merely for using and also interacting with the cryptocurrency community with their Acute Angle phone.

Furthermore, the phone has a built-in wallet app and an optional plug-in cold wallet. Users will also enjoy an assortment of pre-installed blockchain-related apps that include crypto news apps and Huobi apps. A dedicated blockchain app store also comes with the Acute Angle phone filled with many related apps and dApps.

This phone will be the first in a range of blockchain phones form Whole Network. Prospect models will feature even more functions that include 5G capability. Other competitors are also moving into the scene. As we announced previously, China Telecoms has finally decided to come into the blockchain game. They indicated plans to create a 5G Mobile SIM card that can actively participate in a mobile-oriented blockchain.

Whole Network joins Samsung and Sirin Labs in blockchain-based phone development. In August, Samsung added Bitcoin functionality into its Samsung Developers Kit (SDK).

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