KnCMiner Accepting Pre-orders for First Scrypt Miner ‘Titan’

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KnCMiner Accepting Pre-orders for First Scrypt Miner ‘Titan’
First scrypt mining product get codename Titan. KnCMining promise , that it will be shipping in Q2/Q3 of 2014. Photo: Hungarian UNIX Portal/Flickr

KnCMiner had designed the first scrypt miner called ‘Titan’.

The first mining rig, created by KnCMiner, is designed to scrypt mining. The name of device is Titan and its price is $9,995. It might be a little bit expensive, but its full specification is still a mystery.

It is reported that Titan, based on the Jupiter form factor, is able to deliver a minimum of 100MH/s and show resemblance with a PC.

It measures 60 x 50 x 20cm, weighs 4kg and requires a standard ATX power supply with is not included in the unit. As addition, it has blades containing numerous cards. This detail makes a differ between this devise and the Jupiter.

You already can make pre-order, although the release of Titan is expected in the second or third quarter of the year. Those customers, who had already ordered Neptune bitcoin miners, can convert their order to a Titan, if they want to.

“The same team and partners have been working together again. With their expertise and speed, we expect to ship Titan before the competition and have a product that outperforms their offerings”, told the company’s representative.

KnC underlines that as the rig has an untested design, buyers should read the terms and conditions attentively.

It is also stated that litecoin will be one of supported by Titan means of payment, but at the beginning it will accept only bitcoin and fiat money transfers.

By the way, KnC’s Neptune miner is coming up soon – the new bitcoin ASIC taped out earlier this month with everything going according to plan.

It was reported, that its ASICs are already in production and the whole product is in the foundry phase at the moment. It is expected that Neptune will shorten power consumption by 43% and its design was optimized as well: now it can squeeze 1,440 cores in a 55 x 55mm package.

KnC announced that the Neptune ASIC will deliver at least 3TH/s, operating at 0.7W per GH/s.

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