MatchPool Bring Their Community Blockchain Tool up to Speed with Updated Alpha Version 2.1

November 23rd, 2017 at 12:12 pm UTC · 4 min read

Israeli MatchPool certainly have high hopes and ambitions for the future of wealth transfer within a unique asset: Connections. It has been touted time and time again that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. MatchPool certainly have a good understanding of this concept, and have already begun developing their decentralized Blockchain platform based upon this, which is currently in its’ Alpha stage.

A recent announcement by MatchPool announces their Alpha 2.1 stage, which can be accessed using this link.  Before Launching Matchpool Alpha 2.1: Claim your XGUP & Install Metamask. XGUP works just like GUP for the demo.

What’s New on the platform?

There is a new area inside Matchpool called “Intros”, where Pool Owners and Pool Members can manage their introductions, matches, messages and ratings.

Pool Owners can receive Intro Requests from Pool Members that want to privately message other members of the same Pool. The Pool Ownercan break the ice between two members by adding an additional ice-breaker message to their introduction.

Pool Members can request to be introduced to new members. They can also manage their incoming Intro Requests and privately message and rate other members they’ve successfully matched with.

How Matchmaking & Intros work

Requesting an Introduction to another Member

Once a Matchpool member has joined a community Pool, the member can publicly chat with other members of the Pool, and can privately chat to other members by sending a Request Intro to the Pool Owner (Matchmaker).

Once Request Intro is selected, the Intros panel appears in the Introduce Me tab and the member can write a message to the Pool Owner about why they would like to be introduced to the other member. Once this is sent, it will appear in the Pool Owners Intros panel under Intro Requests.

Introducing Members with an Ice Breaker

After an Intro Request has been sent to the Pool Owner, the Pool Owner will decide to accept or decline the intro. The Pool Owner can write an optional Ice Breaker message before clicking Make Intro to create the connection.

Accepting an ‘Incoming Intro‘

Once an Intro is created by a Pool Owner, the Intro Icebreaker is sent to the desired member and it appears in the member’s My Intros inbox.

Messaging a New Match

Once two members have successfully been introduced, they can message each other in the Messages tab within the Intros panel — Voila, a new match is made.

Rating the Quality of an Intro

After the intro has been accepted and match has been made, both members are shown an Intro Rating pop-up box and asked to rate the intro quality after a number of message exchanges.

Both members can rate how beneficial the Intro and the Ice Breaker message was between 1 and 5 drops. When both members have rated the Intro, the Pool Owner’s Intro Rating Score updates on their profile, reflecting the overall quality of all Intros made in every Pool they own.

Additional In-Web App Features

We’ve made some subtle improvements to the user interface and re-positioned a couple of features, including:

  • A new header with search and more minimal interface.
  • Pool navigation tabs now appear above the Pool cover image.
  • New Pool’ & ‘New Discussion’ Notification Labels
  • Total Member Count & Matches shown on Pool Thumbnails
  • Discussions’ to become ‘Chat’.
  • (A future article will detail more on Pool ‘Chat’ development)
  • Show / Copy / Hide Ethereum Address

What’s next?

Enabling Private Messages without Intros

Pool Owners will get an option to turn on and off ‘Intros’. This would allow members of the Pool to chat with other members by sending a ‘message request’ or a ‘like’ to the other member, bi-passing the matchmaker’s introduction. If a private message thread begins between those two users, a match is created. If the Pool Owner enables this option and disables Intros, the quality of the matches between members is likely to decrease, but the quantity of matches inside the pool will increase.

On-boarding New Users

We’ll be improving and testing the on-boarding process including a new homepage design and Pool creation process.

Seamless GUP Payments

Payments are currently made via Metamask, which adds friction to the transactions made inside the app. We will be allocating resources to research and develop payments without requiring Metamask.


Walker Mallory

[email protected]