‘Mining While Gaming’ Platform Dragonglass Brings EA’s Jim Burton On Board

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

Dragonglass, the world’s first gamified cryptomining experience, will turn mining into an easier, less expensive and interesting process.

Cryptocurrencies have grown from being used by the tech savvy, to the larger population. Digital money has come a long way from being worth pennies to now being a highly valued asset class. Yet, there is an underlying issue that the most forward thinkers and developers of cryptocurrency world could not fathom when it comes to traditional mining method – common man’s money is not minable by a common man anymore.

Co-founder of legendary Electronic Arts, the biggest electronic gaming company, Jeff Burton, has recently joined the Dragonglass team. With his expertise in making one successful game after another, entrepreneur mindset and an experience spanning 35 years, Jeff Burton is a priceless addition to the Dragonglass team and with his support, the company will develop and publish games that might become the next craze, making mining a public affair.

The exponential rise in the value of cryptocurrencies has made traditional forms of mining very lucrative, however mining has now become like an art of wizardry, mysterious and enigmatic, with high barriers to entry.

First of all, it’s too complicated. Most mining implementations still rely on heavy knowledge of programming and computers. Too expensive hardware is another hindrance. With increased value of coins, there are now proper firms with mining farms that are essentially very big computers with dedicated hardware, making mining from home PCs and laptops ineffective.

Power consumption is also a very signifiant obstacle, as electricity continues to be a rather expensive utility. The mining farms are power hungry and, according to BBC, in Iceland, a country with cheap renewable energy source, mining will use more power than actual homes in 2018.

What is more, mining is usually a boring routine. Complicated setup and joining pools are all about dedicating your hardware towards mining. There is not much interaction involved. Humans get bored easily when there is nothing to do.

Dragonglass is a startup that plans to take mining away from the hands of the few and give to the masses. The idea is very simple and effective – mine on a mobile (less expensive hardware with no huge power bills) while playing games. Cryptocurrency mining cannot be made easier. The more games a user plays, the more mining he or she does, thusly earning coins.

The most engaging part of the mining process is that a user can mine whenever he or she is free. Waiting for Uber to arrive will never be boring again. Dragonglass has already developed a mining game and is available on both, Android and iOS.

Dragonglass native tokens, DGS, will be generated akin to PoW by players whenever they play Dragonglass games. However, to fund the project, 1,111,111,111 tokens are available in the TGE that is currently live. To play the game, a user must acquire DGS in the first place. The tokens are available at 1 DGS = 0.000027 ETH.

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