7 Most Notable IPOs to Watch in 2021

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7 Most Notable IPOs to Watch in 2021
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Cloud-based companies and tech-related companies that support remote working are expected to take IPOs center stage this year. 

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, technology-related companies bagged the most from IPOs. This was significantly attributed to the fact that the global economy has dramatically shifted to tech dependency to rebound from the crisis. Some of the notable tech companies that went public last year include Snowflake Inc (NYSE: SNOW), Doordash Inc (NYSE: DASH) and Airbnb Inc (NASDAQ: ABNB). Fast forward to 2021, the IPOs space is still heavily dominated by tech-related companies.

Notably, most businesses are shifting to remote working conditions amid increased remote learning. As a result, cloud-based companies, and tech-related companies that aid remote working are expected to take IPOs center stage this year. Mind you, possible coronavirus vaccines that are expected this year might not facilitate an immediate turn around to pre-covid conditions.

Coinbase: One of the Top IPOs Anticipated by Investors in 2021

On the top of the list comes Coinbase Inc, a San-Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange. Not only is the company popular in the United States but also in the global crypto market based on its trading volume.

Apparently, the company filed for an IPO with the US SEC at the end of last year. Currently, the company is waiting for the S-1 form to come out and go public. With the cryptocurrency industry gaining new traction with both retail and institutional investors, Coinbase IPO is expected to be one of the largest IPO by valuation this year.

Robinhood IPO

The second on the top seven IPOs in 2021 features Robinhood Markets Inc, an American financial services company that offers investors a bright platform to invest in the stock market. Ostensibly, it has been reported that Robinhood has chosen Goldman Sachs as its lead underwriter for its IPO. Whereby the company is expected to debut with a value of around $20 billion.

Stripe IPO

The third on the list is Stripe Inc, an American payment processing company founded in 2010. Although the company has not publicly announced plans to go public, there is a huge buzz among investors on its stock trading. Reportedly, the company is anticipating to hold a funding round that would see its valuation scale to around $100 billion.

Instacart IPO

Fourth on the top IPOs in 2021 is Instacart, an online grocery delivery company that was founded in 2012. Previously, news outlet Reuters reported that the company has already enlisted Goldman Sachs to help ready an IPO valued at about $30 billion.

GitLab IPO

Fifth on the list is GitLab, a site that helps developers share and manage their source code. Notably, the company has anticipated going public for the past four years and 2021 is reportedly the most likely year for its debut.

Nextdoor IPO

Sixth on the list comes Nextdoor, a social networking service for neighborhoods that was launched in 2011. With the coronavirus having reduced physical interactions, Nextdoor helps people closely interact is expected to attract huge investors backing once it goes public.


Last but not the least is UIPath, a global software company that develops a platform for robotic process automation. Founded back in 2005, the company is currently valued at approximately $10.2 billion. On December 17, 2020, the company filed for a confidential registration With the US SEC for an initial public offering.

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