OneHash Launches New Sports Contests for Betting with Bitcoin

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OneHash Launches New Sports Contests for Betting with Bitcoin
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OneHash is a betting platform, enabling users to wager on wide range of matches with the use of cryptocurrency.

OneHash is a bitcoin betting platform, allowing users to bet on the chosen matches and their favorite teams. Everyone can now wager on Europa League and UEFA Champions League games. According to the creators of the platform, more sports and events will be included soon.

Initially, OneHash was launched for FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014. It allowed football fans to make bets on the country they believed will win. Besides, they could choose if the game will end in a draw.

The idea of betting with the use of digital currency received a positive feedback from users around the globe, what encouraged its founders to continue developing the project. After certain technical improvements new sports events became available for betting.

“We came up with an idea for OneHash since we felt lack of an easy bitcoin betting platform on the market. We aimed at creating a clean and user ­friendly place for bettors who want to have fun while watching their favorite teams. There are no adverts here and no other distractions. Just pure fun and sports excitement,” ­ said Eric Baker, Brand Manager at

The platform is very simple in use. In order to place a bet on a selected team or match, the users are not required to open an account. At first, they have to choose the option to wager on, make a bet and enter the bitcoin wallet address, as well as an email to receive information on the results of the game. Then the transaction will be verified and finished.

The developers of OneHash are planning to expand the platform and attract more visitors of the website in the future. In addition, the founders are going to launch more betting events and provide more betting options for users, including basketball, tennis, hockey and baseball matches.

OneHash is not just a traditional bookmaker, as the platform allows mutual betting for its users. That means that you are not betting against the house, but against other bettors. In this case, digital money belongs to the bettors and circulates between them. Moreover, the feature provides high credibility of the platform and makes the process more dynamic as each bet influences the whole course. doesn’t include any loud advertising or irritating images to ensure the best quality of their website. The website is available on Facebook and can be reached via the email showed at the bottom part of the website.

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