Ripple Is One of the Best Workplaces in 2020 According to Fortune

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Ripple Is One of the Best Workplaces in 2020 According to Fortune
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Despite some legal processes that the company is involved in, Ripple has a reason to celebrate as Fortune has included it in the list of the Best Workplaces in the Bay Area.

Fortune loves to make different kinds of lists for any kind of topic, but this list is a rather interesting statistic. From all the business industries in San Francisco, Fortune listed 35 best workplaces in the Bay Area and Ripple is one of them. 

Most of the 35 companies included in the Best workplace list are Information technology companies that develop online internet services or software. Ripple stands out from the crowd as it strives to provide a cross-border payment system and is listed under “Other”.

“These companies provide growth, transparency, and diversity in the workplace,” writes Fortune.

Fortune has partnered with Great Place to Work for this research. Along with Great Place to Work, they researched what employees say about the company, what are their age differences, from which generation they come, how many employees there are, how many sites does the company have and other similar information.

However, last year on this Fortune list, along with Nvidia and Hilton, Ripple ranked 17th, so this could be interpreted as a rather slight decrease to the 25th place.

In their San Francisco headquarters Ripple has 235 employees. 91% of them claim that Ripple is a great place to work. A couple of the keywords why Ripple employees like working there are “new industry”, “blockchain”, “opportunity” and similar.

“Management is consistently transparent with employees on what goes well, and what doesn’t. There’s a focus on being honest with ourselves which is refreshing and healthy as we continue to grow from startup to young company,” says their employees.

Happy Hours with Wine during Working Days?

Great Place to Work has made a profile on the rival cross-border payment company and within some of the pictures, you can see that Ripple holds weekly yoga classes for their employees and have “happy hours” where they drink wine? This one looked rather interesting.

However, their office looks stunning. Filled with modern interior in the iconic Ripple blue and grey tone. In other pictures, you can see the company’s employees together in multiple events like “The 2018 JP Morgan Corporate Challenge”, celebrating Pride in San Francisco and others.

Additionally, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple took it to Twitter to congratulate his team.

Other Companies on the List

Other companies on the Fortune list include Merit. It is an information technology software company, which is in front of Ripple and has 45 employees. Also, Roadster, Inc., which also is an information technology software company with 105 employees.

However, the top spots go to Asana in first with 457 employees. It is also an information technology software company. In the second place sits 15Five with 134 employees. And in third comes NerdWallet which operates with banking, loans, mortgages, and money in general. They have a total of 384 employees.

To browse the full Fortune Best Workplaces List in the Bay Area, click here.

Recently Ripple has had its flaws. Especially when Evan Schwartz who was with the company for about 6.5 years and was responsible for the Interledger decided to leave the company. But altogether, Ripple along with Garlinghouse is actively participating in the U.S. crypto regulation development. They want to help regulate this industry as best it can be regulated.

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