Aegis bitcoin wallet now can be used on any Android wearable device.

Facebook’s Study App Will Pay Users for their Online Data
June 12th, 2019

Facebook’s Study App targets Indian and US users to determine their browsing behavior but it could be a preparation for the launch of its GlobalCoin set to also start in India.

Huawei Can Get Its OS Ready by This Fall, But There are Still Issues
May 23rd, 2019

Huawei’s own operating system for smartphones and laptops could be ready for use in China by fall this year. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business said an international version of the operating system could be ready in 2020.

CoinMarketCap Unveils Its Crypto Data App With Interesting New Features
April 17th, 2019

The new Crypto Data App will introduce new features like portfolio tracking, price alerts, candlestick patterns, cryptocurrency comparisons and much more.

Opera Releases Desktop Browser with a Built-In Crypto Wallet
April 9th, 2019

Opera has finally released its desktop browser with an in-built crypto wallet enabling users to interact and explore with dapps and also send transactions without using an extension.

Opera Touch Browser Featuring Crypto Wallet to Arrive On iOS Platform
March 7th, 2019

With built-in crypto wallet feature, the Opera Touch browser facilitates seamless crypto buying experience for its users without relying on other third-party apps.

Opera Now Allows Android Users Buy Crypto Directly from Its Browser Built-In Wallet
February 7th, 2019

Currently, the service is available for Android users in Sweden, Norway and Denmark are able to buy Ethereum using the new function.

Skycoin Releases Android Mobile Wallet
August 25th, 2018

The most advanced blockchain platform in the world, Skycoin launches its Skycoin mobile wallet for Android with a plethora of easy-to-use innovative features.

Japan to Introduce Fingerprint-Based Payments Instead of Cash and Credit Cards
April 11th, 2016

Japanese authorities are going to start the experiment with fingerprint payment terminals this summer.

Brave Browser Will Pay You Bitcoin For Viewing Its Ads
April 8th, 2016

Mozilla’s ex-CEO, Brendan Eich, has unveiled a new bitcoin-based system for its adblocking browser that offers a new method of dealing with advertisers’ content.

Android Pay is Coming to the UK in the ‘Next Few Months’
March 23rd, 2016

Google is extending boundaries for its Android Pay that will be soon supported by the largest banks in the UK.