Blockchain, a bitcoin wallet service, introduced its new website.

Binance: Ethereum’s Friend and Not a Foe
July 8th, 2019

Even though some media are claiming that Ethereum is being assaulted on a completely different front by an unexpected foe: Binance, that just doesn’t seem true, here’s why.

Mexico Taps DeepCloud AI for Blockchain-Based Vehicle Registration and Infrastructure
July 8th, 2019

The Mexican Federal District Government Transport and Highway department of the state of Coahuila has tapped DeepCloud AI to establish a tamper-proof vehicle registration using the DeepCloud AI infrastructure. 

Avoiding Prying Eyes: Glimpsing Into the Future of Mobile Privacy Powered by Blockchain
July 6th, 2019

Eroded privacy, including mobile one, is the stumbling block of today’s all-around interconnected society. Here’s how blockchain can help create a safer and better environment around the use of mobile phones and the privacy they can provide. 

Exscudo CEO: Current Financial System Not Only Holding Back the Progress but Pulls It Back
July 5th, 2019

While traditional banks are still the basis for today’s financial system, most of the functions they perform are outdated. Andrew Zimine, CEO of next-gen financial ecosystem Exscudo, unveils how Exscudo’s going to provide real financial freedom to its users.

Brazil’s BTG Pactual Selling $1 Billion in STOs Using Tezos Blockchain
July 5th, 2019

The Tezos Foundation announced signing a $1 billion deal with South America’s largest standalone investment bank, Banco BTG Pactual, and the Dubai asset management firm Dalma Capital to use Tezos blockchain for Security Token Offerings (STOs).

Australian Top Banks Join Scentre, IBM to Outstrip The Paper Bank Guarantees Using Blockchain
July 4th, 2019

Three of Australia`s giant four banks have partnered with Scentre group and IBM to outstrip the paper-based guarantee technique, designing a blockchain network that will potentially intensify the agreements.

Blockstream Introduces Atomic Swaps on Liquid Bitcoin Sidechain
July 4th, 2019

Blockstream created an ‘experimental’ Liquid Swap Tool introduced to Liquid Bitcoin Sidechain. The tool uses atomic swaps to trade more securely between tokens by eliminating middlemen who have suffered hacks and lost investors’ funds in the past.

Ontology Makes a Strategic Investment in STP Network
July 4th, 2019

STP and Ontology are forming a global partnership after Ontology’s strategic investment in STP.

Nestle Launches New Blockchain Initiative Away From Ongoing IBM Project
July 3rd, 2019

Nestle has launched a new blockchain initiative with OpenSC to run concurrently with the ongoing IBM project with the aim of enhancing viability, feasibility, and scalability of the food supply system.

IBM-Maersk Shipping Blockchain TradeLens Signs Up Two More Major Carriers
July 2nd, 2019

Hapag-Lloyd and Ocean Network Express (ONE), the world’s fifth and sixth largest ocean carriers, signed onto TradeLens, the blockchain platform for ocean shipping founded by Maersk and IBM.