Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee also known as coblee and creator of one of the famous and widely used crypto-currencies known as Litecoin, was born in the Western part of Africa (Ivory Coast). At the age of thirteen, Charlie and his family relocated to the United States of America. A bachelor and masters degree holder in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Charlie has grown to acquire lots of knowledge over the past few years. He is a software engineer, database administrator and a computer programmer with vast professional expertise of Java, Linux, Python, JavaScript, Sql, Msql, XML, and lots more. He has in the past, worked for a good number of reputable companies including Kana Communications (software engineer), Guidewire Software (Senior Software engineer), Microsoft, and Google Inc; where he worked as a software engineer with a couple of team members in designing and developing the Chrome OS, YouTube mobile, and Play Games. Charlie Lee is an ex-director of engineering at coinbase and currently the director and creator of the second most popular crypto-currency to bitcoin known as Litecoin which he created in October 2011.

A crypto enthusiast, Charlie decided it was high time to create another crypto-currency that would meet the needs and demands of the fin-tech market world after reading an article on Bitcoin in April 2011. This is undoubtedly where the real stuff begins. When Charlie Lee came across Bitcoin in 2011, it was popular in the dark web markets, like Agora Marketplace and Silk Road. During this period, bitcoin was considered an illegal currency used in purchasing illegal products in the black market of course this is nothing anyone would want to that credit for and a bitcoin then was about $30. My guess is its designer (Satoshi Nakamoto), knew this would happen he understood the possible consequences that would befall him after he unleashed his invention to the world. That literally explains why he went missing immediately after its creation and never bordered on taking credit for his wonderful work. Well, Charlie was quite intrigued at the wonders of Bitcoin that he quickly reached out to Mike Hearn, Bitcoin Core developer and bought some coins from him. Soon after that, Charlie found himself researching and mining bitcoin in addition to purchasing some computer accessories off the darknet.

Not quite long after he fell in love with bitcoin that he started making plans on how to create his own blockchain cypto-currency. He made some research and decided to incorporate bitcoin’s features and mechanism into his invention. Litecoins are far less expensive than bitcoins and also works faster than the former. It is quite identical to bitcoins in all ramifications apart from the fact that it is a centralized development crypto-currency dissimilar to bitcoins which require approximately 96% consensus in order to make new changes owing to its decentralized, open voting consensus system.

When asked the reason behind his Litecoin creation, Charlie Lee has this to say: “Silver is a bit inexpensive and lighter than gold, I had this idea running all over my head that people would likely make more use of a silver encrypted currency in their day-to-day business transactions than a gold encrypted currency which they wouldn’t want to spend on a daily bases.” He further beamed that he had noticed the tremendous increase in bitcoin transactions fees, and believes that with litecoin, transactions fees will be relatively cheap and quite affordable to everyone.

To wrap it all up, Charlie Lee recently started advocating for SegWit a block scaling technique that would enable the possibility of using litecoin to taste for changes that are made on bitcoins.

Flexa Integration Makes Litecoin Payments Possible At Over 39,000 Merchant Locations
July 5th, 2019

Flexa adds support for Litecoin on its payments network allowing users to pay in the cryptocurrency at the point-of-sale terminals at different merchant locations.

Justin Sun: July Will Be a Big One For the TRON Community
June 29th, 2019

TRON’s CEO Justin Sun announced that July will be big for TRX community. Except the lunch he will have with Warren Buffet, Sun announced introducing BTFS as the largest of the decentralized P2P storage network.

Justin Sun Went All Devious on the Expectation of Charity Lunch With Warren Buffett
June 29th, 2019

Justin Sun donated $4.57 million via an auction for the Charity Lunch with Warren Buffett organized by Glide Foundation. Many are seeing Sun’s moves as an effort to bridge the distance between crypto space and skeptical Buffett.

Litecoin Price Rises 4% as Litecoin Foundation Announced Physical Debit Card
June 19th, 2019

The Litecoin Foundation has teamed up with Bibox Exchange and Ternio to bring customers a special edition Litecoin BlockCard, which will allow customers to purchase goods and services with crypto. LTC price adds 4% amid the news.

Tron CEO Justin Sun to be Accompanied by Charlie Lee in a Lunch with Warren Buffett
June 17th, 2019

Billionaire Bitcoin cynic Warren Buffett agrees to give heed to the emerging blockchain technology. Following a $4.6 million USD bid by Tron CEO – Justin Sun to host a power lunch, along with Litecoin’s Creator – Charlie Lee as Guest Speaker.

Tron’s Justin Sun Choses Silicon Valley As the Venue for Power Lunch with Warren Buffett
June 13th, 2019

Justin Sun is quite optimistic of his meeting with Warren Buffett and is said to have invited some influential figures from the crypto space to communicate with Buffett the merits of blockchain and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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June 12th, 2019

Because of the halving FOMO, LTC could peak by doubling its price just a few days before the halvening event, which could allow it to flip over XRP. But, is a 100 percent surge from current levels possible?

Binance CEO Turns Down Justin Sun’s Offer to Join $4.5M Lunch with Warren Buffett
June 5th, 2019

Changpeng Zhao of Binance declined an offer to attend Justin Sun’s $4.5 million lunch date with Warren Buffet before taking a jibe on the legendary billionaire for his vehement criticism of cryptos.

Litecoin Signs Partnership with to Allow You Save 40% on Bookings
May 10th, 2019

Litecoin Foundation has established a strategic partnership with, a blockchain-powered hotel booking platform, to boost the use of cryptocurrency payments.

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April 5th, 2019

Litecoin retreats from the high close to $100 and gets stuck in a range. Sell Litecoin and buy Bitcoin, says Galaxy digital founder and CEO Mike Novogratz.