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TTC Protocol Brings in DECENT($DCT) to as a Partner

August 8th, 2018 at 10:14 am UTC · 2 min read

This partnership aims to build the world’s first and largest contribution-based incentivizing source code management platform, is an open source project launched by TTC Protocol. It is a token-incentivized collaboration community for developers, where the reward for contribution is distributed with transparency and clear logic. shares common functionalities with GitHub, but implements a system for fair recognition of participation.

Thus far, most open source projects utilized GitHub. However, after the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft earlier this year, there have been major developer emigrations from GitHub. Consequently, the development of caught the attention of numerous developers.

The utilization of the TTC Reward Engine (TReE) will reward developers according to their respective contributions to an open source project. It will redistribute the value of a project with more transparency and create a healthier Open Source community.

The combination of the blockchain based TReE and an open source platform will undoubtedly alter the working dynamics within developer communities. In the long run, will present to us how technology, in general, will shift the working environment of our daily lives.

Brian Cheong, the CEO of TTC Protocol said, “We believe in the power of collective intelligence, and we aspire to improve the working dynamics of many, if not all, companies and projects in this world by introducing a contribution-based incentivizing system.”

CEO and Founder of DECENT, Matej Michalko, said:

“We are a tech-driven company, and part of the global developer community. We are thrilled to establish and bring in a token-incentivized collaboration community for developers.”

TTC Protocol is one of the largest social network ecosystems on blockchain, with over 23m users. TTC Protocol provides a simple-to-integrate and fully-customizable blockchain-based SDK for existing community, which acknowledges users’ contribution to the community and reward them.

DECENT is a blockchain ecosystem builder based in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s development projects include DCore and ALAX. These projects are mainly focused on building decentralized applications.


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