AirBitz Launches Touchless Mobile Bitcoin Wallet for New Bitcoin Users

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by Polina Chernykh · 2 min read

Airbitz released its new mobile bitcoin payments platform designed for novice digital currency users.

Wallet service Airbitz has announced the launch of its new mobile digital wallet for iOS and Android.

The new wallet includes such unique features, as Bluetooth payments, a location-based merchant directory and cloud encryption. It was designed to show new bitcoin users how easily the digital currency can be used.

Airbitz CEO Paul Puey told Coindesk that the app will demonstrate that using a bitcoin wallet is not too difficult. He said: “Our intellectual property is to hide the fact that [our wallet] is synchronizing and encrypting data – to make it feel more like online banking.”

He also told: “This was our impetus in creating a product with a carefully crafted UI and user experience, and we are extremely proud to bring the Airbitz wallet and directory to the masses.”

To send bitcoin from one wallet to another, Airbitz uses touchless BLE technology without QR code. For instance, Airbitz iOS version enables two iPhone users to make transactions through BLE if they are close to each other.

If a QR code is not available, users can send money through Bluetooth without typing out a full Bitcoin address. Bluetooth feature will allow making Bitcoin transactions when cell service is not available.

The app includes Merchant Mode feature, which allows detecting partial payments.

Although the wallet is available only for iOS devices, the Android version is under development now.

The app features a location-specific directory with a list of bitcoin-accepting stores and websites. A similar feature was also available on Blockchain’s latest update to its Android wallet.

Airbitz’s wallet is automatically backed up and can be synced across many devices. Cloud encryption keeps provides high security for the users’ data. The users are also required to enter a strong ten character password, add a withdrawal pin and enter security questions.

“The encryption is top notch for a mobile device, ease of use is there from the get-go and people instantly know where to spend bitcoin,” Puey said. “All private keys, metadata and settings are encrypted. It is all backed up to peer-to-peer cloud servers,” he added.

In general, the Airbitz mobile wallet is a very well built mobile platform, including as number of innovative features. The company also intends to promote the bitcoin usage by ensuring people that using the technology is rather easy.

The Airbitz wallet is currently available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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