AsMoney is the Latest Unique eCurrency System to Hit the Online Market

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AsMoney is the Latest Unique eCurrency System to Hit the Online Market
AsMoney gives people simpler ways to send money without sharing financial information, and with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, Bitcoin, Litcoin or promotional financing. Photo: AMN Technologies Company

AsMoney is an electronic payment system based on Bitcoin network that helps its members make instant payment for goods or services or send and receive money with minimum fee.

AsMoney is the newest and unique digital currency system that has hit the online market and can be used as payment processor for Litecoin and Bitcoin because it’s an E-currency system based on cryptocurrencies.

AsMoney is a trademark that belongs to AMN Technologies Company. It was registered in England at 2013.

Gintatus Vileita, the CEO of the company, said: ” We’re planning to create three main features that make easy access to Bitcoin , while payments are still private and anonymous.”

“These three features are : 1) Web based access to make transactions with every device without downloading gigs of blocks 2) A secure and free payment gateway to automatically accept payments online. 3) A programming interface to automate the process of sending and receiving payments with access to payment resources programmatically,” he added.

In recent years, many users are inclined to use cryptocurrencies against e-currency because the source of money is not specified in traditional E-currencies.

If a user wants to convert his/her electronic money into paper money, he/she will have to sell his/her balance to someone or make a withdrawal via bank wire transfer.

Although, Currency Exchanges are willing to buy e-currencies but governments can easily track money transfers due to their traditional nature, which caused the shutdown of Liberty Reserve system and enormous loss of money in this system in 2013.

On the other hand, it is required to have a Wallet service provider or pay large costs for services like merchant for online sale, mass payment and support in cryptocurrency systems.

Whereas, AsMoney provides its users with all of the services of E-currency systems for free, while it can also be transferred from / transferred to cryptocurrencies.

Through AsMoney, people are offered with simpler ways of sending money with no need to share any pertinent financial information. It also offers a remarkable flexibility to pay with the use of their account balances, Litcoin, Bitcoin or any promotional financing.

The website is fully dedicated in its commitment to all its members through the exceptional 24/7 customer support that they offer. AsMoney values their members and that is why they strive to make sure that every concern or query will be addressed right away, no matter what time of the day it might be.

As Bitcoin become more and more common in different transactions online, AsMoney can make it easier for Bitcoin users to complete their payments and get paid easily with no need to worry about security issues and online facilities.

Every member of AsMoney can active SMS login to protect their balances from theft and hackers, When someone tries to enter his account , AsMoney send a message to the client’s mobile device showing the Pin needed to authorize the attempted transaction.

AsMoney will continually aim for innovation to be able to meet and satisfy the demand of people for better and cheaper digital eCurrency system.

The security of those people who love to do some business transactions became a part of the main priorities of AsMoney developers.

Developers of AsMoney are expert, well-experienced and professional people who aim to meet and satisfy the demand of the people for an excellent digital eCurrency system.

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