Bitcoin Apps Built with Ionic, HTML5 Hybrid App Development SDK

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Bitcoin Apps Built with Ionic, HTML5 Hybrid App Development SDK

The Ionic developer Crunchbase examines the companies that built Ionic applications.

CrunchBase examined BitPay and Lawnmower that had built Ionic applications, allowing users to pay and invest with Bitcoin.

BitPay’s Bitcoin Checkout application, a fast and simple application that is used by hundreds of BitPay merchants to accept bitcoin directly from a device, without complicated point-of-sale integrations. It is available for both iOS and Android.

The application supports 40 languages and includes multi-employee checkout, tipping, and tip reporting. Customers can use Bitcoin wallet applications to make QR code payments or hold their device over the merchant’s point-of-sale device and tap “send”. The payment is transferred via NFC technology.

“Bitcoin Checkout makes use of many Ionic elements–most importantly, the high level services and event handling that Ionic standardizes so well,” said Jason Dreyzehner, who leads the design team at BitPay. “We’ve been really impressed with Ionic overall, and we’re really excited to be using Ionic in several other projects now, too.”

At the moment, Dreyzehner’s team is experimenting with using Ionic in Copay, an open source hybrid Bitcoin wallet application based on BitPay’s Bitcore project.

Another Ionic application Lawnmower allows users to invest their spare change in Bitcoin over time.

“Connect a credit card, debit card, checking, or savings account, and Lawnmower will automatically round each of your purchases up to the next dollar and set the differential aside to purchase bitcoin,” says CFO Alex Sunnarborg, who founded the company with CEO Pieter Gorsira and CTO Patrick Archambeau. “We’re extremely friendly towards newcomers to Bitcoin, and we want to let people get started quickly, by putting its complexities in the background.”

The Lawnmower application automates the investing process and lets users customize their savings by using a spare change multiplier, and monitor their investment, using the stats page. New Lawnmower or Coinbase users receive $5 in Bitcoin for free.

The application is focused on a passive, hands-off investing experience and invests into Bitcoin, unlike traditional investment platforms like Bank of America’s “Keep the Change” program,, or Acorns. Lawnmower is available for both iOS and Android.

The Lawnmower team used Ionic’s navigation elements, modals, spinners, side menus, popups, lists, inputs, and almost all of the services, including Push and Analytics, in their live application.

“When we first ran Lawnmower on a Nexus 4, we were blown away by how few changes needed to be made–we had maybe two or three minor issues that needed fixing,” said Sunnarborg, whose team launched Lawnmower for Android less than two weeks after their iOS launch.

“For a startup with two developers, it was an insane turnaround,” he said. “By having just one code base, we were able to release the Lawnmower iOS and Android apps very quickly. Also, we love that we can use the web dev tools that we know and love to create apps that feel native. It was a win-win for us.”

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