News Overview: Gems Presale, Bitcoin Lecture at CERN and Wider Bitcoin Adoption in Europe

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News Overview: Gems Presale, Bitcoin Lecture at CERN and Wider Bitcoin Adoption in Europe
The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, is the world's largest particle physics laboratory, situated in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the franco-Swiss border.

Gems began crowdsales of its XGems currency, Bob Cowles will give a lecture on Introduction to Cryptography and the Bitcoin Protocol and Europe improves bitcoin regulation.

Gems Presale

Gems, the social currency network, has started an initial presale of its digital currency, called XGems. The new platform was designed to allow users obtain revenues from social messaging.

The investors will be able to buy Gem’s cryptocurrency during the crowdsale, which will distribute around half of the 100,000,000 XGEMs. The company is going to burn any presale coins left after the sale.

Gems CEO Daniel Peled commented: “We expect Gems to take off at the point of being adopted by the first significant autonomous community containing at least 10K daily active members. We work hard to position this bootstrap community to be the cryptocurrency community by conducting a crowdfund. Since cryptocurrency activists are more attuned to the Gems compensation model, they form the perfect candidates to induce viral growth to the outskirts of this community at first and then to the general population. Educating about bitcoin and blockchain technology is something many of us take part in, the bottleneck are the tools we currently use in order to bring mainstream users to the ecosystem.”

Bitcoin Lecture at CERN

A lecture on Introduction to Cryptography and the Bitcoin Protocol is expected to be given at CERN in Geneva in Switzerland as part of the CERN Academic Training Lectures program.The first part of the event will take place on December 2nd and will continue on December 3rd.

CERN is one of the world’s most prestigious research laboratories. The World Wide Web and the modern internet were developed there.

Bob Cowles, who serves as a Cyber Security Professional at BrightLite Information Security in the US, will be the lecturer. Until 2012, Cowles worked as a Chief Information Security Officer at SLAC research laboratory.

The lecture will feature such topics as digital signing, symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption (public/private keys) and cryptographic hashing. Besides, the basic bitcoin operations, including block chaining and bitcoin mining will be discussed as well.

Wider Bitcoin Adoption in Europe

The US remains the largest sector for technological innovations in the bitcoin industry. However, over the recent years, European countries have been steadily embracing the technology.

Spain became one the first countries in Europe that recognized bitcoin on the government level and defined it as an electronic asset.

Spain is the fourth largest economy in Europe and is a place of high economic interest due to its entrepreneurial capacity, as well as the growing tourism, automotive and aeronautical industries.

The Spanish government has defined bitcoin as a convertible digital currency that can be exchanged between users, and also can be converted into fiat currencies. Meantime, the Spanish treasury treats bitcoin as money only when the currency is exchanged, but not for acquiring products and services.

Other European countries have considered the regulatory status of digital currencies. The United Kingdom, Finland, Holland and Poland all have adopted a pro-Bitcoin stance, which leaves the greatest economic power in Europe, Germany, somewhat alone and isolated in its wish to add a tax to all bitcoin transactions.

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