Bitcoin Photo Contest Will Announce Results in the End of October

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 2 min read
Bitcoin Photo Contest Will Announce Results in the End of October
Photo: claude05/Flickr

Today is the last day to take part and upload your photo on bit4coin website.

Bitcoin Photo Contest launched by Bit4coin is at the very height. Since its start on September 8 more than 400 photos have been uploaded by approximately 200 artists. Each photo has its own Bitcoin wallet which significantly facilitates the voting process for bitcoin enthusiasts. Everyone can express his or her admiration by voting with bitcoin. Artists will get these tips after the contest ends.

So far 200 participants are fighting for the main prizes while the number can still increase. The first place is promised €1,000 in Bitcoin, the second place – €500 and the third one – €250. Actually all artists have a possibility to earn on their works – the better their works are, the more tips they can get.

The news is breaking now because today is the last day of public voting! On October 15 leading 50 images will be selected. The best 25 photos by votes and 25 photos by bitcoin tips will be forwarded to the judges. On this stage judges can vote for no more than 5 images regardless of the likes from the community. The winner will be announced on October 21.

We can’t ignore the fact that Coinspeaker team also takes part in Bitcoin Photo Contest as a jury. It’s such a great honor and we look forward to estimating the best photos. And you still have a chance to influence the results – click here to submit your own photo or vote.

Organizers can guarantee a fair contest as they promise not to include individual images in the media material. Thus there is no possibility to be accused of favoring one artist over another. Everyone is encouraged to choose images for articles and include a reference to the artist and the contest.

Dolf Diederichsen, CEO of Bit4coin, comments on the contest: “Most importantly, the whole bitcoin community is a winner, with > 400 bitcoin photos and works of art now available. And of course we are excited to find
out who takes home the grand prize!”

The mission of the contest says: “Bitcoin lacks photos – most main-stream articles reuse the same images of physical coins. We want to change this with your help, and give back to the community with bit4coin’s Bitcoin Photo Contest.” If you are dived into bitcoin industry, it’s your chance to introduce this cryptocurrency to the world. Bitcoin price hinges on how much money is invested thus it’s necessary to contribute in its popularity.

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