Bitcoin and Altcoin wallets provide a service to store your funds, as well as allowing you to send and receive virtual currencies. Wallets can come in many different forms and configurations, including mobile, desktop, hardware and paper wallets.

Coinbase Wallet Adds Support for Ethereum Classic and More that 100k Other ERC20 Tokens
November 28th, 2018

In the wake of upcoming upgrade Coinbase Wallet will serve Ethereum Classic (ETC) and all of the 100,000+ ERC20 tokens available on the Ethereum blockchain, the official statement revealed.

Blockchain Company Develops ‘First’ Crypto Wallet with Built-in Decentralized Exchange
November 22nd, 2018

To drive the financial inclusion and further adoption of the blockchain in finances, the Sovereign Wallet is building a mobile wallet with “banking grade” security and proprietary stablecoin, which is to be equipped with a decentralized exchange – M.DEX.

USDX Wallet: a Solution for Effortless Crypto Transfers
November 20th, 2018

USDX Wallet, which enables multi-level security of transactions and instant transfers of assets via a phone number, is an efficient solution to conduct effortless crypto transfers. Its token sale is already live.

Teaching the Financial ABCs in the Digital Era
November 13th, 2018

Since the world of money has changed significantly over the last decade, children need to be provided with principles of sensible money management. Pigzbe’s hand-held hardware wallet set to become the benchmark in educational finance.

IOTA Now Compatible with the Ledger Hardware Wallets, MIOTA Can be Stored on Nano S
November 5th, 2018

IOTA announced compatibility with popular hardware wallet Ledger. That means that IOTA coin holders will now be able to store their coins (MIOTA) on the ledger Nano S device.

Ethereum’s MetaMask Wallet Shares the Mobile App Release at DevCon
November 1st, 2018

MetaMask, the most popular Ethereum and ERC20 standard wallet developed by ConsenSys, has released its mobile client at this year’s DevCon.

Crypto Wallet Producer Ledger to Support More Stablecoins , Expands Tether Usability
October 31st, 2018

Ledger is expanding its global presence to the Asia Pacific region and is going to increase stablecoins usability across its products.

What is the Safest Way to Store Your Crypto?
October 26th, 2018

No matter how deep you’ve immersed into the crypto sphere, if you hold at least some of the digital assets, it’s worth to know how to properly store your funds. Check out all the ins and outs of today’s storage alternatives in this post.

Blockchain Joins Ledger to Launch the Unique Hardware Wallet Lockbox
October 26th, 2018

One of the oldest software wallet providers Blockchain.com has entered in a new collaboration to release its first hardware product.

Square Further Pushes Crypto Innovations Open-sourcing Its Bitcoin Storage Solution
October 24th, 2018

Payments processing company Square open-sources its Bitcoin cold storage technology, aiming to encourage further crypto innovation.