Crowdfunded Documentary ‘Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It’ Released

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read

The movie takes over the mission to reveal surprising truth about money and potential benefits of bitcoin as alternative notion.

In certain circles bitcoin is considered to be the most important invention since the time of Internet appearance. And just as Internet, bitcoin has always caused contradictory talks. There are experts who can fully appreciate a new cryptocurrency capable of changing standard financial system.

But there are thousands of those who still don’t have a clear understanding of bitcoin. We can’t but ask ourselves questions like: Is this currency viable? Does it have enough power to replace cash? How is this whole system managed?

We needed someone to answer all the questions and assuage our doubts for quite a long. And finally the time has come! Trailer of ‘The End of Money As We Know It’ – a documentary devoted to bitcoin – came out.

$60,000 is an approximate budget of the movie and half of the sum has already been spent. If funding permits, creators are planning to conduct additional shooting which will include interviews with politicians, financial experts, managers. This will allow to study the subject as detailed as possible. The nearest goals of the team are: $16,800 – to spend on the interview with European experts in Oxford and London and $21,000 – to shoot in Singapore.

The obvious advantage of the movie is its focus first of all on mainstream audience. It’s not intended for bitcoin-savvy people. The language is simple and will be understandable for everyone. The main goal is to show the advantages of the cryptocurrency to potential users.

The movie covers such sensitive topics as government management of money creation process and reasons for inflation. It makes evident how money gets created out of thin air by commercial banks when they provide loans. Do you think you know money? Watch this movie and open new angles of familiar notion. Producers insist that you shouldn’t fully trust habitual means of payment until you watch the documentary.

We feel free to call the team and the project pretty much international. Although the company is located in Australia, production process is going on in Canada and the USA. The movie was produced by German Torsten Hoffmann currently living in Australia.

By the way bitcoin movie has had really a brilliant start. It has already won two awards as ‘Best International Documentary’ and ‘Best Libertarian Theme’ at the Freedom fest that took place last weekend.

Torsten Hoffmann hopes for the great future of the movie and says: “The documentary reveals some surprising and little known facts about the money we use every day and introduces Bitcoin as a potential alternative. In my research I was surprised, and shocked, to find out that most money today is actually created by private banks, which of course leads our story directly to the last financial crisis. Originally I thought that we can just jump right into Bitcoin, but then there is no context for the audience to understand what makes Bitcoin so revolutionary. So we decided to start at the very beginning – with the history of money.”

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