Crowdfunding Company FundedByMe Now Lets Investors Buy Stakes with Bitcoin

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 3 min read

FundedByMe has recently launched a Bitcoin pilot program with the aim of checking investors’ interest of paying via the digital currency and generating funds for the Bitcoin trading platform Safello.

FundedByMe, a Swedish-based crowdfunding portal founded in April, 2011, has recently launched a Bitcoin pilot program that allows investors to buy stakes using the digital currency.

The aim of launching the project is to check investors’ interest of paying via the digital currency and, at the same time, to generate funds for the Bitcoin trading platform Safello. Following the crowdfunding round, the representatives of FundedByMe will analyze and evaluate the utilization of Bitcoin with the aim of incorporating it across the platform.

Daniel Daboczy, the CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe, commented: “We see that among our investors, a great many of them are early-adopters. We also know that bitcoin users are familiar with new inventions at an early stage. That’s why we thought that we may offer both groups something interesting.”

The Bitcoin pilot project started on March, 18 and will be held for 45 days.

FundedByMe is involved in a series of innovative crowdfunding projects, besides, it has collected more than 100 000 000 SEK for entrepreneurs based in almost all European countries and some Asian nations during the last 4 years. Before Safello, the crowdfunding platform has been actively raising funds for another Bitcoin based startup Flexvee.

“FundedByMe is probably the most flexible crowdfunding platform at least in Europe. Which means we support our investors whoever they are, wherever they are and whatever form they want to transfer their money,” said Daniel Daboczy.

According to its website, FundedByMe is one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the world which offers a one-stop-shop solution for reward-based, loan-based and equity crowdfunding. Besides, the platform has a major focus on cross-border investments that benefit both entrepreneurs and investors to assist with job creation and economic growth.

“I don’t worry about the success of this campaign – it’s very attractive and there will probably be many investors wanting to allocate their money. Especially since it’s anchored by a lead investor, the Digital Currency Group, which incubates and seeds bitcoin and blockchain technology-related companies, and CEO Barry Silbert has been the most active seed investor in the digital currency industry with over 50 investments in 15 different countries. But I’m curious about how it works out with Bitcoin investors,” Mr. Daboczy added.

The project accommodates the Bitcoin community.

“We have already done it in previous rounds of raising funds. On the other hand we know that many of our customers would be interested to invest if they can do so with Bitcoins. As a Bitcoin company we of course need to support this. For customers who are already verified with Safello this will also be the easiest way to invest,” Frank Schuil, CEO and cofounder of Saffelo, explained.

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