Suspected Bitcoin-buying Scam Purchases Bitcoins with 11% More Than Market Value

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 2 min read
Suspected Bitcoin-buying Scam Purchases Bitcoins with 11% More Than Market Value
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BTCGaw Inc. is buying Bitcoins with 11% more than market value and at the same time threatens to send child pornography and stolen credit cards to a user.

A Reddit user Alibitco has recently posted on the website that he has been scammed by He explained that he was exploring the service when he found out that they use one Bitcoin address to fulfill all orders and the Bitcoins are all unmoved at the address.

Later the service emailed him telling: “Since we haven’t received the bitcoin from you we cannot process the payment through paypal to you. If you need assistance don’t hesitate to contact us via livechat/email/phone.”

Afterwards during a live chat, an operator threatened to DDoS the Reddit poster’s IP for 100 days and make orders to get him arrested if he exposes their scam on Reddit or Bitcointalk.

According to the poster, the operator actually did DDoS his IP, but he reset his router and switched on a VPN in a few minutes.

Besides, the operator proceeded to purchase carded credit card details, and claimed to have ordered child pornography and send it to the poster’s email.

Seems like BTCGaw Inc. operators have committed very serious crimes in an effort to hide a relatively obvious scam.

The service repeatedly uses the same receiving address for all of its clients deposits, which makes it very difficult to link specific transactions with specific customers.

According to the BTCGaw Inc. website, the company has been founded in July 2014. Besides, the company’s website claims that they are located in Delaware. However, a WHOIS search reveals that was registered last week in Norway.

BTCGaw Inc. has recently revealed its new digital currency investment policy: the company has launched a market break-through offer on Bitcoin trade, sustaining a buying rate which is 11% higher than Blockchain’s official rate.

The company is seeking to become the first Bitcoin exchange house serving major customer good online vendors.

Moreover, they say, the company is going to collaborate with a popular online Casino, that is willing to implement Bitcoin use for its services.

In this way BTCGaw Inc. has developed a purchase strategy aiming to pool all the sellers who want to benefit from the company’s latest offer and who are willing to sell their digital currency for the best deal available on the market.

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