Dacxi Community Exchange Claims DAC Coin to Become Next Big Exchange Coin

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
Dacxi Community Exchange Claims DAC Coin to Become Next Big Exchange Coin
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A brand-new DAC Coin will be used to empower Dacxi Community Exchange, the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange with the support for retail investors.

One can easily notice how the world of cryptocurrency unfolds. Despite infamous hackers’ attacks and restrictive regulatory frameworks, existing digital exchanges managed to make record profits last year, while today exchange coins are still listed among the best performing sectors in a flat market.

However, a vast majority of currently operating exchanges make it impossible for retail investors to join a catchy cryptocurrency wagon. Trader exchanges are too complicated, technical and intimidating for newcomers to begin with. Although simple to use, wallet exchanges do not provide retail investors with the sufficient layer of support, education and knowledge they need to invest in cryptocurrency assets with full confidence.

Yet Dacxi came up with the solution. Also known as Digital Asset Community Exchange International, Dacxi is a global start-up pioneering a new category of crypto exchange, called the Community Exchange. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, Community Exchange is designed to unlock this new trillion-dollar market to the nest wave of retail investors.

Having their offices distributed over New Zealand, Australia, Gibraltar and Singapore, now the company is in the middle of their public token sale event. The Dacxi ICO presents an intriguing opportunity to become an early contributor to what could be the next big crypto exchange coin.

Just as BNB played a major role in Binance’s success, DAC Coin is going to maintain Dacxi’s liquidity while providing real utility to token users, which cannot be said for most ICO tokens. Moreover, Dacxi’s ICO is compelling because it is an opportunity to invest in a new category of crypto exchange, the next generation Community Exchange model.

Dacxi’s Head of Communications Vicky Barker says,

“A Community Exchange has two key parts to it. Firstly, it’s an exchange that is easy and intuitive to use, not technical and intimidating like Binance which is designed for traders, not investors. Secondly, the Community Exchange includes a dedicated community platform that provides new mainstream investors with the knowledge, tools, discussion and learning resources they need to engage with crypto assets in a safe and responsible way.”

The Dacxi Exchange and Community platforms have been launched and are currently in public beta. Unlike most ICOs, Dacxi is already a real-world business with huge potential to grow. By pioneering the Community Exchange model, Dacxi’s mission is to remove the barriers to entry that have stopped mainstream retail investors from investing in cryptocurrency.

Alike Binance’s BNB Coin, Dacxi’s DAC Coin is poised to make an impact in the crypto market as it becomes the engine that drives Dacxi’s rapidly developing ecosystem. Dacxi Community Exchange builds a strong desire for DAC providing a juicy 25% discount on exchange fees plus access to Dacxi’s Crypto-VC pre-ICO investment opportunities. Dacxi Community members can also use DAC to access premium community features, and Dacxi will use DAC to reward community members who provide high quality content.

Another lucrative feature of Dacxi’s DAC Coin is 70% of Dacxi’s profits from across the ecosystem that will go into buying back DAC Coin quarterly and burning them, thereby reducing the amount in circulation until only 50% remain. This percentage of profits is dramatically larger than other leading exchange coins and it aligns the interests of Dacxi founders with the exchange users and coin investors.

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