Decentralized Ad Network AdEx Partners with Video Distribution Company Flixxo

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Decentralized Ad Network AdEx Partners with Video Distribution Company Flixxo
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Decentralized advertising network AdEx announced a partnership with video distribution company Flixxo

Decentralized advertising network AdEx announced a partnership with video distribution company Flixxo.

AdEx is a decentralized digital advertising exchange based on Ethereum blockchain technology.  It is aimed to replace centralized solutions in order to avoid current significant problems: advertising fraud, privacy and exposure.

“The solution offered by AdEx seeks to benefit all parties involved in the online advertising ecosystem, which means end users as well as advertisers and publishers, while removing unnecessary and downright risky elements currently associated with centralized infrastructure,” CEO of AdEx Ivo Georgiev said.

Flixxo is decentralized video sharing platform based on blockchain technology and the BitTorrent communications protocol. Flixxo is an open network that allows any user to distribute and monetize its own content. The content spreads across the network without any intermedia thanks to decentralized payment channel.

Surely, this partnership will be useful for AdEx as Flixxo specialists have great experience in such spheres as video streaming, RSK smart contracts, and AI & big datа.

“We are convinced that this partnership will be a very fruitful one,” Ivo Georgiev said.

Adrián Garelik, the founder of Fixxo, ensures in successful results of cooperation too: “Our goal is to create a solution that is incredibly easy to use — so easy that even our moms would want to adopt it. By delivering such a platform, we will also be able to bring blockchain technology to a critical mass of end users, which is another benefit of Flixxo”.

It stands to mention that partnership with Fixxo is next step for AdEx in company’s intention to expand and develop in order to create the best digital marketing platform by February 2018.

Ivo Georgiev said: “We are glad to partner with a platform that aims at revolutionizing the video on demand (VOD) industry. The AdEx team comes from a similar background developing the video entertainment hub Stremio, and VOD is close to our expertise, as well as to our hearts.”

In August, AdEx teamed up with video entertainment platform Stremio that would provide its video entertainment platform for AdEx.

“We are looking forward to implementing AdEx in a real-world environment as it will demonstrate the full range of new capabilities and advantages that the blockchain technology can offer to the online advertisement industry,” AdEx’s CMO Vanina Ivanova said.

At the same time, AdEx announced its partnership with NEO, China’s first and biggest blockchain infrastructure.

Later in September, it became known about mutual collaboration of AdEx and EloPlay. As results, AdEx allowed EloPlay to create an advertising module on its platform.

All examples of AsEx cooperation were realized thanks to successful AdEx crowdsale campaign in June. The project managed to raise more than $10 million in just three hours since the beginning of the ICO. As seen, all raised funds were spent on further development of the platform.

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