Hold On, Apple: Sources Hint At Google’s 5G Pixel 4 Handset Announcement

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Hold On, Apple: Sources Hint At Google’s 5G Pixel 4 Handset Announcement

Google is all set to take its arch-rival Apple head-on, as sources familiar with the matter said the Google Pixel 4 5G compatible handset is currently under test production and could be announced as early as next week.

Google is all set to take an edge over its competitors at the upcoming Pixel 4 launch next week. According to the Nikkei publication, Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL handsets will come with 5G compatibility and its production has already started.

The publication said that the search giant is all set to take its arch-rival Apple head-on, who recently announced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro handsets last month. The sources familiar with the matter said:

“The two [Pixel 4] smartphones are already going into mass production and will be ready to ship after Google’s [new products] unveiling next week. Google is also working on a version with 5G technology, which is in test production.”

Considering the fact that the 5G smartphones are in test production, it would be too early to say anything about its immediate launch. Moreover, it is quite possible that Google might make an official announcement of the handsets and roll-out the 5G versions in the next few weeks. Or else, it can also measure the market interest by just opening the bookings for the 5G handsets.

As we no that 5G devices would allow dramatically faster downloads over the existing 4G handsets. The 5G services will allow 1-10 Gbps of download speeds allowing high-end online gaming facilities at absolutely low latency.

Google’s Plans With Moving Into High-End Hardware

Google has been consistently putting its efforts to bring high-end hardware in the market. The company’s deep pockets and solid fundamentals have helped it to investment massively over the last decade. During a conference call earlier this year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said:

“Bringing together software and hardware … does have a lot of synergistic value … and the main way to do that today for our core [search and software] products is by using hardware. As we scale up our hardware efforts … you can definitely glimpse the future.”

Google, which made a late entry into high-end handset in comparison to its rivals, it witnessing decent growth for its Pixel handsets in the last few years. Another source familiar with the matter said:

“Although Google’s smartphone shipments are still small, it’s one of the clients that still have healthy volume growth. It offers better prices for suppliers too.”

Pitching its 5G compatible Pixel smartphone, Google holds a fair chance to penetrate the market further. On the other hand, Apple is facing some serious challenges just within a month’s time from the launch of its iPhone 11. As per the latest report, the iPhone 11’s phone screen display is deeply flawed and not as strong as it was told to be. But on the other hand, Apple is also making its 5G move by recently acquiring Intel’s Smartphone modem business.

Besides, Google’s Pixel 4 handset will have to compete with several other latest with other 5G offerings like the Vivo Next 3 and the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

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