‘Life on Bitcoin’ Trailer Has Finally Come Out on Official Website

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 2 min read

Trailer of Life on Bitcoin movie expected by all bitcoin enthusiasts has been released recently. Young couple presented results of using bitcoin for everyday life.

They say that a person needs 21 days to engrain a habit in everyday life. “We’ll go even further” – that was perhaps a thought of Beccy and Austin Craig when they agreed upon an interesting experiment. They decided to pay for all their needs in bitcoin for the whole period of 100 days. Did we mention that quest started exactly on the first day of their marriage? Yes, it was a nice beginning of a new life!

The couple traveled around the world and didn’t use cash at all. The only condition for the trip was making all deals using bitcoin. All difficulties and victories were filmed. And now finally official trailer of the movie called “Life on Bitcoin” was released. You can watch the trailer on the official site.

The Craigs got $73,000 from Kickstarter but it’s necessary to underline that they didn’t use a dollar for personal purposes. The investment was intended first of all for operating team and related expenses.

The Craigs admit that the experiment wasn’t an easy one. They faced constant necessity to persuade people accept payments in bitcoin. Although the couple try to sound optimistic, it’s obvious that changing one’s lifestyle is hard. Everything that seemed to be so easy now requires additional efforts.

During the journey Beccy and Austin had dozens of interview for media. They got offers every day. Isn’t it the best indicator of people’s interest in bitcoin? Although digital currencies are still underestimated or just treated with distrust by many people, it’s difficult to deny that the sphere is developing. This experiment proved that it’s at least possible to live using only bitcoin. Next step is to reorganize financial system in such a way as to make such lifestyle not only possible, but also comfortable for people.

The Craigs admit in the blog that they felt delighted to attend bitcoin conferences and share their experience with like-minded people. “Being around enthusiasts who also strongly believe in bitcoin future, both as a financial opportunity, but a force for good in the world, was fascinating” – they write.

If you are interested in bitcoin but feel like it’s too difficult to switch to digital currencies for everyday life, necessarily watch the full-length movie. Perhaps it will turn your mind upside down.

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