Meet LEOcoin: A New Digital Currency and Bitcoin Rival

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 3 min read

The UK-based LEO (Learning Enterprises Organisation) has recently launched LEOcoin, a completely anonymous digital currency.

The digital currency was launched in London on Wednesday, March 26th, and will officially begin trading on a Hong Kong-based, global LEOcoin exchange LEOxChange from April 2. At this time LEOcoin is supposed to be available to purchase for a price expected to be around the €1 mark.

LEOcoin will be recognized by other exchanges as well. An encryption system will keep track of all transactions and records, which without a doubt will ensure that data is kept safe. Commission and transaction fees will not be applied to purchases, though a small commission will be applied to sales.

According to the website, all transactions are completely anonymous and are completed without the need for bank or transfer fees. Supported by a large community of established and aspiring entrepreneurs, LEOcoin has great potential for rapid growth and expansion. LEOcoin is accessible to everyone, it is easy to use and available today.

LEOcoin (which stands for Learn, Educate, Own), has already signed up 24,000 merchants and has a community of over 131,000 members since its launch in January.

“The launch of LEOcoin today is an important chapter in the evolution of the global digital currency market and is a big statement about the future of the sector against a backcloth of scepticism to date,” said Dan Andersson, the co-founder of LEOcoin.

LEOcoin differs from Bitcoin since it doesn’t charge commission for intermediaries, effectively cutting out the middleman and offering significant savings for businesses using the digital currency. Furthermore, with the aim of promoting wider usability, the company has launched wallets for different operating systems: Windows 32 bit Wallet, Windows 64 bit Wallet, MAC OS Wallet, and Linux Wallet.

One can buy LEOcoins, mine them on a computer, join a mining pool, or trade them. Besides, LEO has released a merchant program to access the global LEO Marketplace. The use of Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work validation puts LEOcoin in the league of most secure digital currencies.

A recent YouGov study has revealed that 85% of businesses surveyed are either “not very likely” or “not at all likely” to accept digital currencies like Bitcoin in the future. “The industry needs to do much more to establish its credibility,” commented Dan Andersson.

“This was borne out by the YouGov study which showed that whilst SMEs find transaction fees a concern when doing business abroad, 85% indicated they were unlikely to use a digital currency. Also it revealed that whilst awareness is very high at some 86%, only 2% already accept a digital currency,” he added.

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