‘Bitcoin Boulevard’: First Street in U.S. Where You Can Pay for Everything in Bitcoin

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by Andy Watson · 1 min read

Welcome to the Bitcoin Boulevard, the first street in America where you can buy everything with Bitcoin.

The Cedar Lee shopping district in Cleveland Heights, Ohio is now known as Bitcoin Boulevard, the first street in the U.S. where you can shop for gifts, go out to dinner, get a haircut and even buy ice cream – and pay for it all with Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Boulevard project is the brainchild of Nikhil Chand, an IT professional who got interested in Bitcoin a couple years ago and thought it could be a boon to small businesses.

Mr. Chand is a consultant with CoinNEO, the company behind the bitcoin push on Lee Road. He said: “My goal was to bridge the kind of nebulous bitcoin concept with reality, and see what happens when you get it in the hands of people in our local communities.”

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